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Just Be Revolution – “Your Way Or Their Way”

This is a very personal post today, I know that being comfortable and content is one thing but happiness is SO much more. Feeling ‘enough’ to receive anything is a struggle. To receive thanks, money, gratitude, compliments… name it.
I’ve already achieved much in my life but was it “My Way” or “Their Way”… enjoy!

“All my life, when I’m truly honest with myself I’ve always done the ‘right thing’ or ‘what’s expected.’ I passed high school well, I traveled for a year, I went to uni and graduated, got married, work hard, had kids, am a good mum and wife. I’m now 33 with 3 kids and although I’m content I do sometimes wonder what would life look like IF?”

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Just Be- Blog “Your Are Your Thoughts”

Please click on the link below to read more from my Just Be Revolution Blog post:

“When you spend so much time in a negative head space, you outwardly research and glean examples of why something is 100% truth. When you’re in a positive mindset, the same is true, however it’s not detrimental to your own self. Your beliefs are an equation of

Thoughts + Feelings + Research/Proof= Belief.”

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Two and a bump | Beloved Session

Please forgive me, If I act a little strange, For I know not what I do,
Feels like lightning running through my veins Every time I look at you

My {BELOVED} Session with Bridget and Jake, like many of my experiences start long before we pick up the camera. I love to get to know my couples as much as possible so no matter where we are photographing, it feels comfortable, safe and loving.
The BELOVED session to me creates warmth, truth and a whole different perspective to an image. I draws you in and reminds you there still IS true love in the world. Shared between two very special people, who are allowing me to capture their memory.
Here are a few images from today’s session- just keep in mind, when you see the jumping one- this gorgeous girl is due in two weeks! Boy can she get air!
It was a FREEZING Canberra day today- it rained the whole time we were shooting and we were blowing steam out of our mouths. The beauty of these two, they just exude warmth.

Love you both xxx