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Struggle Town- Population Jules

I have struggled for years with anxiety. This was a rough piece to share but I felt it truly needed light, especially sitting front and centre at the time of another episode. I hope those who find this, find a little peace.

” it’s extremely ostracizing and deeply painful. I shy away from social interactions, being around people other than my family unit… sometimes even away from my family. “

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New Art Available In Our Store!

Whilst creating branding for my clients, I sometimes get time to take some ‘self care’ for myself and just create. These pieces were SUCH a joy to make and I love each and everyone of them. From the ‘Purple Haze’, ‘Sunset Over The Land’ to ‘Sun Showers’ and “Snowstorm” I love each and everyone of them for different reasons.
Each of them are for sale via our Etsy Store in limited quantities so grab yours while they’re available!

From every purchase from the store, 10% of profits will be sent to The Wounded Warrior Project, USA and Soldier On Australia in your name. PTSD effects not only the returning soldier, but also their family and friends. We thank you for supporting our favorite charity and helping so many who serve and protect us, to find a little peace xxx

Keep Smiling


Team work makes the dream work


Today is a thrilling day. I am so excited to announce that the new Modern Femme Movement website/community is up and running! Katy and Somer have been working tirelessly with the amazing team over at Carii to combine a site where a community can thrive away from social media but still be connected to their tribe. The site was built by the incredible Tracey French of Indalia Design. She’s done a bang up job combining the branding with her skills to bring to life this part of the Modern Femme Project.

Over the past seven months I’ve been working closely with Modern Femme to refresh their brand and help take it to the next level. It’s been a fun run of brand marks, media kits, sponsorship guides, brand style guides, buttons, icons and everything in between. Growing their brand and watching them thrive has been nothing short of a joy.

However it isn’t about me. I love seeing a brand being used and loved as much as I pour into it, but this has been a HUGE team effort. The collaboration of the tribe is what has made this successful. When you get to collaborate on this scale you don’t often see all the bits and pieces as they’re created as a final cohesive piece. So for me today feels like the birth day of a vision, that is seven months in the making for me but a couple of years for the co-creators.

I’m really proud to have been part of their movement to date and I’m really excited to see where it’s going to in the future. You both mean the world to me and I still have ‘pinch me’ moments when I think about what you saw that I didn’t and encouraged me along.

I can’t wait to join you both in May and celebrate our year together

Congratulations ladies!!!

Check out these cute buttons!



The Perfection of Imperfection

After branding Megan Hall Motivation late last year, it solidified many things for us. Our undeniable friendship, business ventures, love of wine but most of all our love to talk.
Megan came to me early in December and put to me a proposal to create a Podcast with her where we talk about topics and share personal stories close to us that inspire us to do and be better. We wanted to find women of inspiration whom we could also interview to share their journeys also.

Fast forward to January 1st and our first podcast was launched on The Inspired Women Podcast. Before the week was up we were also being cast on iTunes, GooglePlay, SoundCloud and a few other platforms. This blew us both away.
After listening back to the first episode I had a major panic of uncertainty and messaged Megs in a panic. “I can’t do this, you sound so professional and I don’t and you don’t want me part of the show”
In typical “Jules freaking out and Megan comes to save the day” she told me to calm down and relax. She had already been sent feedback about our first episode and it was ALL positive. Wait… What? Someone listened? Insert continued mix of above freak out mixed with excitement.
Fast forward three weeks and we now have heard My story, Megan’s Story and on Monday will launch my incredible friend and life coach, Amy Latta. Her story is about being Brave, Silly and Worthy. Three words that are so lost as we grow and are crucial to the whimsy and joys of life.

We then get a glimpse into the incredible work of Rockstars and Royalty in Australia and how Vicky is pivoting and growing her brand into an international powerhouse. She’s creating from a space of truth like no other designer. Her story is also incredibly inspiring!

Today after casting with Katy Blevins Calabrese, Co-founder of Modern Femme, there were words spoken that have echoed with me all day…
“Nothing will ever be perfect, it’s finding joy in the imperfections”
You’ll have to wait to hear her and her story but it was electric for me to be part of her interview and witness her truthfully speak about her journey to date.

The beauty of what I get to be part of, is that I hear and see myself in SO many of these incredible stories and learn from each of our guests. I get to hear my inner critic come knocking and I can now tell them to go away; for today, and tomorrow, all the way to never coming back again.

The confidence it’s creating in me means that I’m also shifting and pivoting. As you’ve seen from my last few blogs, I am now branding internationally from start up business through to globally expanding companies. It is something I take great pride in being part of and I have realized my service within creating truly sets me on fire. I still create Fine Art pieces as my outlet but my awesome clients are keeping me busy!

What does this mean growing forwards? It means learning to be ok with Imperfect Perfection. It means the washing may not get done every day- but most days, It means juggling non work life and life, being present for my family and showing up as my BEST self. It means planning, scheduling and learning about things I haven’
t always been comfortable doing. It means imperfect progress and being ok with failing forwards.

It means getting over myself and pursuing what makes ME happy and listening to my intuition. It means finally feeling like I can provide again and not self sabotage what I build and create. It’s stepping into my potential and enjoying the ride!



Sacrifices for our families

As many of you may or may not know, the military has come into my life in a big way over the years as my childhood sweetheart joined at 18 and I ended up marrying him. He’s been in now for longer than I care to count and we’ve not seen much of one another over the years- maybe a month or so each year? We have three beautiful kids together and are finally getting some time together. It’s funny when you’re separate for so long that the time back together becomes so precious to you. I think you make better use of the time than if we were together all the time.

To anyone who knows a military family, they know how much the parent(s) sacrifice being away from their loved ones. Tonight I took a local military family out for a family ‘Christmas’ session. I met the mum before we landed in the states via a mums group on Facebook of all places. We connected over the twin similarity and eventually got to catch up a few weeks into settling here.
As they saying goes- we’ve not looked back since. It’s like they’ve always been apart of our lives.

This little man is five, and is the current boyfriend in my four year old’s life. haha. He officially asked her out one night at dinner and although I’m quite sure they have no idea what that actually means, I can be certain they treat each other beautifully and play so well together. He is a sweetheart and a half.

Mister C and has been absent of a constant dad around in his life- not by choice. C’s dad is in the Navy and has been deployed more days than anyone cares to count, but he adores his dad above all others- including super heroes. He was looking forward to another year at least with his brothers, mum and dad, but dad’s program, as usual, as been changed and they deploy again next year for 7-9 months. Yes. 7-9. Can you imagine being a child without their parent for that long? So they’re holding onto each and ever second they can until that ship sails out of the bay.

During our family session yesterday, I asked the little guy, ‘who is his hero?’ and he said his daddy because ‘he sails away from me for so long to protect me with his big ship.’ I then asked what is the hardest thing for him having dad away?
He’s not there to tuck me in at night, and I love it when he puts me to bed.’ Holding back some tears from all of us witnessing his moment I asked him one last question, So what’s the best thing about him being home?
‘I get to give him a cuddle whenever I want to.’ My little man I think you just broke every mum and dad’s heart across the country. They all want to come tuck you into bed each and every night now. You are a beautiful soul.

I just caught a tiny moment after he said about not having dad there to tuck him into bed and I adore the connection. He is so vulnerable and sad but strong as well. It was only a split second and he was back to cracking jokes and laughing again.
This little guy’s amazing, resilient, caring and one for which I am blessed to have in my life and have met such a beautiful family. He has twin younger brothers who love him so much. They apparently cried for the first week Mister C went to big school as they missed him. You can see below they just love to laugh and be around each other.
I asked the twins what they love about daddy and one said Tigger and the other said superman. They’re still three and show their love rather than talk about it. This little man DEFINITELY loves his cuddles with dad.
You have welcomed us into your home with open arms and friendship beyond anything I could have asked for or imagined. Your family will get through the next deployment and the one after that, only this time  you’ll have us there right along side you to support, talk, cry and laugh with you when you need it. Oh and hubby will be over to help with the lawn and garden stuff you need!

With such caring, resilient children they will constantly remind you how much they love you. Not always with words but with their actions towards each other and people they meet. When you’re having a ‘walk out of the house to re-group’ kind of day, just remember to take a photo from tonight with you where they are all kissing you and giving you a hug. Get your strength from them when you need it most.

Thank you for sharing your family with me tonight, It was an honor to photograph you xxx