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Just Be Revolution – “Your Way Or Their Way”

This is a very personal post today, I know that being comfortable and content is one thing but happiness is SO much more. Feeling ‘enough’ to receive anything is a struggle. To receive thanks, money, gratitude, compliments… name it.
I’ve already achieved much in my life but was it “My Way” or “Their Way”… enjoy!

“All my life, when I’m truly honest with myself I’ve always done the ‘right thing’ or ‘what’s expected.’ I passed high school well, I traveled for a year, I went to uni and graduated, got married, work hard, had kids, am a good mum and wife. I’m now 33 with 3 kids and although I’m content I do sometimes wonder what would life look like IF?”

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Just Be- Blog “Your Are Your Thoughts”

Please click on the link below to read more from my Just Be Revolution Blog post:

“When you spend so much time in a negative head space, you outwardly research and glean examples of why something is 100% truth. When you’re in a positive mindset, the same is true, however it’s not detrimental to your own self. Your beliefs are an equation of

Thoughts + Feelings + Research/Proof= Belief.”

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Authentic imagery in your brand

I know I’ve been writing a little lately about capturing an authentic brand for your business, or yourself in life. Your brand is WHO you are not what you are. That does help to know your what and why but the WHO is often the part that eludes us the most.

Megan Hall Motivation and I have been working together a lot recently to authentically brand her thriving business and getting to the WHO of what she does. It has been a journey for the both of us. Even though shes a kick arse motivational mindset coach and entrepreneur, I still managed to make her stop and think whilst we were developing  her branding style guide. These guides need to speak to many different vendors who you work with in corporate life and for them to be able to truly ‘get’ your business and who you are.

Megan is my butterfly of life. She exudes bright, shiny happy light and an energy that is infectious. When I first met her I remember thinking, she’s my person. We WILL be friends. The second time we met I was able to talk to her much more and we hit it off. Now it feels like our friendship is centuries old and that we were never not friends. I love having those people in my life and I’m realising quickly that they are few and far between. However when I find them I keep them with all I have. They help ME to grow and help me realise that it’s safe to be me around them.

So this morning, after two reorganizations of our session due to sickness and hurricane Hermine, we met at 7am. I wanted her to feel safe, enabled to be herself, and to have fun and ignore the camera. In order to do this I need to be a clean slate and create a very open environment to ask questions from a place of no intention. To reflect back and feel how my client is in that moment.

I had my mentee and new addition to JCC (more to come soon!) Jossan Urban on location to enjoy and see how my shoots run. They are filled with love, laughter and a LOT of talking. It is a conversation between two or more people, via some glass (the camera).
Today is the first time I have welcomed my ‘client’ and anyone else back into my work space to look over the images as they are and talk about them all. Say ‘yes or no’ before my own personal cull. I am teaching Joss my version of how I work and want her to see how fun and enjoyable culling of images can be. Especially seeing real time expression while we shoot through to it being captured in a file on my screen.

I can’t show you all the images, but we certainly have a few silly out takes I would love to show you. There will be many many more to come, but for now I will share my favourite image from this morning of Megan in her genuine, smiley, authentic self… No cheese here!

And a couple of fun outtakes- which always happen :p

Megan, you have HUGE things ahead of you. You have an incredible team around you who are here to lift you up and support you, every step of the way. I love the way you love everyone around you, your heart and compassion. I respect that you don’t take rubbish from ANYONE and I strive to grow to be that way too. To my phenomenal friend, you ARE enough and I will find you every life, especially if it means we get to laugh as hard as we do. Here’s to a huge future, love, laughter and hilarity ahead.
Always be you.

Love Jules xxx

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Re-Certifying my love of Photography


Dear Jesh De Rox, (Creator of Moment Design, gentle soul and awesome mentor)
I write to you today to thank you. Thank you for stepping out far beyond the ‘conventional’ to create, inspire and empower those around you. Thank you for being inquisitive enough to research and search for why your clients rocked some sessions and not others. Thank you for being the first to see a vision and then sharing that vision so the rest of us would be able to share that passion and vision with others. Your education and love is incredible. May you continue to grow and follow your whimsy.

I am re-certifying myself with the updated and new Beloved Movement which is growing into Moment Design. I have been so fortunate in my photography career by being introduced to beloved in its early days so I was able to utilize the skills and grow with them. I was asked to re-certify with Moment Design just after the Modern Femme Conference in May. Me being me, couldn’t wait to sign on so I did.
With the amount of things going on for me at that time, there were many many late nights followed by days jam packed full of kids, planning, creating, painting, educating and household tasks. I think I may have been slightly crazy but I completed everything!
The weeks flew by and it was SO great revisiting so much of what I had learned previously and hearing new content for the first time too.
At the end of the course, we were asked to put into real time use what we had learned to date.

I put out a model call on my business page and had a few game responders. Joss & Tyler were the two who were able to do the ‘pre-work’, be there on the day we planned and were willing to come open and ready to experience something very very new and different.
I gave them their homework and waited for the day.
As it came around to 5pm, our sunny bright and gorgeous day turned into the darkest, rain storm ever. I called Noah and asked him if he had been building an arc lately it was so bad.
We rescheduled (with much apologizing for my homework being eaten by the torrential rain) and we re shot the following Wednesday.
I am SO glad we waited.

Taking a couple through a photographic session like this is physically and emotionally impact-full for all involved. You have to be careful to warm them up, work with them and remain completely open yourself or you can lose every last ounce of work you put into their session up to that point. I felt Tyler blocking me a couple of times but with some gentle encouraging and a whole lot of laughter we progressed.

I had THE hardest time culling their images down after their session. Each one had ‘something’ I wanted to sit and stare at or giggle at, but I know the rules and that can’t happen haha. Moment Design is so fitting for what this is all about. Designing beautiful, authentic, genuine, loving, laughter filled moments with two beautiful souls.

Thank you 1000000000000 times for allowing me into your relationship for an hour and showing me around your love. It is truly an honor and I’m even more grateful for the friendship and love you share with our family.
Here’s to many more shoots together and far more glasses of red afterwards!


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Out of the Fire

I realized a few things after my business launch. 3)I have some really awesome supporters of my work.  2) I really need to write down my speeches or I forget everything I hoped to say when I stand in front of my friends 1) I’m REALLY good at self sabotage due to my upper limit issues.

As I sat down on the evening of July 4th and reflected on our crazy weekend I realized that by knowing where I was at physically was no where near my emotional or brain space. Who knew you could be in three places at once!
I had picked a fight the evening before with hubby and was feeling preeeeety crappy about myself for no apparent reason. THANKFULLY I am reading an awesome book right now and realized after some reflection that indeed my ‘upper limitations’ were alive and kicking me around. Taking myself to hubs and apologizing he got me talking more about it. I had no idea that something that makes me so incredibly happy to do and produce would also be a direct to my biggest downfall- I didn’t feel like I DESERVED the success I had. I didn’t FEEL that I was worthy of people showing up and supporting me and my passion. I got to wondering just how many other women and men go through this?

I very quickly had a building feeling in me that I needed to get out. A friend sent me an image of a public statue in Brooklyn NY which sent shock waves through my mind. With a great deal of work and tweaking “Out of the Fire” was produced.
This DreamScape is DEFINITELY being printed for my own office to remind me that out of the fire phoenix are reborn, coal is made and from there so are diamonds. In a round about, Julie kind of thinking, way.

This piece is probably not the last to cross my path but it’s definitely a stepping stone for me to remember I AM worthy. I am talented and skilled and all those other words I cannot say out loud some days.
I am a multitude of things but, I am incredibly imperfect in my own perfect kind of way.

I love you heaps,



Out of the flames:
Let me ask you, what is wrong with lifting yourself up from your circumstances to chase your dreams? Why do we allow ourselves to prevent our being better, stronger and more abundant?
It’s a rough few steps but they’re worth taking. Lift yourself out of your comfort and ride towards your zone of genius. Be who you were put on this earth to be, and love the life you have to live.
Stop allowing yourself to feel others doubts, words and limitations and rise up. RISE UP!!
Today, tomorrow and the future is YOURS. No one elses.


Land Escapes

I’ve started carrying my camera a little more than I used to. Being in a new country often holds far more adventure than the every day norm of home. I’ve started to create a little personal project of Land Escapes where I’ll post images from sessions I’ve shot or locations I’ve been to. This one was shot at 6:45am at Sandbridge, Near Virginia Beach, USA. Such a beautiful time of day


Jewel Images with Julia Kelleher

If you know my work, you know I have a passion for newborn babies.
They are my little hit of newborn smell that my kids don’t have anymore. These tiny beings are just beautiful to capture and get to snuggle with before capturing their tiny details. They are also my hubby’s exit strategy for not having anymore together- I’m with him on that one now we have twins.
I digress as usual.

Since beginning my newborn journey I have been keeping an eye on the world of newborns. Who shoots what, how it’s done but always searching to better myself and up my skills. I am tiring of the same old question, ‘why should I book with you when I have a camera?’ In some respects it’s a fair question, but when you have approached me in the first place, why are you asking? Seeing Julia’s work and her finishes on her images just gave me more fuel to my reply of ‘educate them with your work.’ I would love to say because your camera isn’t as good as mine (haha) or because you can’t edit your image to be like my finished product. Instead I explain the safety aspect, the way I will capture their child and most of all steal that baby for plenty of snuggles during the process.
Anyway, I watched Julia on Creative Live a year or so ago when she was talking about how to stand out in the crowded newborn photography market by honing your unique voice and artistic point of view.

Photography by Julia Kelleher
Photography by Julia Kelleher

Sounds a little wishy washy to some people but to me, that was the pincale of how I was feeling at the time. How was I going to stand out in a crazy market where backyard shooters were trying to photograph babies unsafely, for next to nothing and giving people a disk for $25 with all their ‘images’. It’s so frustrating when someone cheapens your profession like that- it is no wonder that SO many people devalue a professional photographic session to something so cheap until they either lose all their photos to a natural disaster or a family member dies and they wish they had ‘a great picture’ of them.
The decision to me is simple. I want to learn how Julia works, post processes her images but most of her all she makes images like the one above. I LOVE it so much and it really cancels out the question from clients above.

Anyway- Julia is my newborn IDOL. I follow her work and love looking at her images. They are so clean, simple but stunning all at once. Then there are her fine art finishes she can add to clients images which just about convince me to have one more baby so long as she does the newborn photos. (don’t panic hubby)
Her website, will have you staring at the home screen for AGES I promise you!

So, Yesterday I plucked up some over tired courage and posted on Julia Kelleher’s instagram feed shamelessly telling her I was a big time groupie and wanted to join her for anything from making coffee to watching her work. The reply back blew my mind- she answered to start with and then told me to call her studio!
So once I had left the house for crossfit I practiced 1000 times hello and dialed her number… ‘hello you have reached Jewel Images, we are unable to come to the phone right now…’ Poo. So I left a message and found out after Crossfit she had called back.

We touched base finally today and I’m hoping to save enough money to go across the country to meet her early next year as she’s undoubtedly flat out this year. So I’m now Saving saving saving!!!! So if anyone wants to contribute to my education fund or my fun-ucation that’d be awesome 😉 Just kidding!

So many exciting things ahead for me education wise and this is right up at the top of the iceberg!




Dusting off some cobwebs

I was invited last weekend to photograph a Gridiron match between USMMA and The Apprentice School. It was a blistering hot day but we packed everyone up and headed over to Newport News for the match. I had a ball and it was so nice to capture something different for a change. They say it’s as good as a holiday!

Anyway, thanks to Big Dogg Australia for the fitted cap you sent me! It came in handy keeping the burning sun off me and I actually came home un burnt this time!




Upcoming projects

A many of you know, we have two weeks left in Australia before hitting the jets to America for three years.
This is a great thing family wise, but not so much professionally as I’m not allowed to work. I can volunteer and learn which I fully intend to make use of. There are so many great photographers I want to meet and learn from I can’t wait!
My husband and I have lived apart now for four years and we are becoming more like friends than anything else. We are both really looking forward with spending some quality time together and becoming husband and wife again. It’s been a long time overdue.

There have been a few projects knocking around my head for the past few years but one always seems to keep cropping up and keeps putting itself in front of me every now and again. Since seeing Trish, Adam, Lizzie and Alex last month in Canberra it’s really kicking at my door. I’m not sure how I want to approach the project just yet but I know it’s going to be approached with love, happiness but most of all education. ‘You can question love but you can never question happiness’. Pharrell Williams said that last week and it just resonated with me.

So right this second I can’t give you specifics of HOW I’m going to do this project but I would really love to begin hearing from any families who are living with Autism, ASD and the branches that are created from there like Asbergers, OCD etc. There is such an incredible bond with these gorgeous children that intrigues me and little Alex has taken my heart away with every inch of his soul.

I would love to know your story: How did you find out about your special someone living with ASD? what are their dreams? what are your goals for them? what amazes you? what is the hardest part of living with ASD? do you have access to therapies? If you could educate me on the most cliche thing what would it be? What has been your favourite event/ memory/ thing that has happened to date? Please you can make this email 5000 pages or just a few paragraphs but I’d love to get your story. All about you and what makes your family so unique.

Please don’t feel like there’s an end date to this project. I’m planning on the next three years at least to educate myself, meet and learn from you all and photograph where appropriate as I go. But ultimately my aim is to capture the carers, the beautiful souls living beautifully with autism and help waken others to these people, one image at a time.

You will be my muse and together we will create this important project x

This link to my You Tube Channel will give you an idea of my work and how I put a families story together. I hope it helps to inspire you xxx

If you live with a family member with  ASD then I really want to hear from you please at

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, I’ll be traveling the next three years and if I’m near you I would be honored to capture your family once the project is up and running!

I can’t wait to meet you


X Jules