Relocation to Coffs Harbour NSW

28th October 2012 After a tumultuous final month in Canberra I am happy to announce we have relocated to Coffs Harbour on the sunny NSW coastline. My baby girl was very ill the last month or so with Pneumonia and a bacterial infection and we were in and out of hospital a number of timesContinue reading “Relocation to Coffs Harbour NSW”

Thursday Quit Day

As many of you know, I am training to be an accredited Beloved Photographer. I adore everything about this highly creative movement and really feel like life has changed for me since I began the journey earlier this year. Through this course I met the amazing Bob Goff through his novel “Love Does” and IContinue reading “Thursday Quit Day”

Katie and Bull Tie the Knot

The very hilarity of yesterday’s wedding is undescribeable. Katie had us in fits of giggles during her morning of getting ready and it didnt stop all day. These two, truly are a match made in heaven. They exude an air of a couple who joke a lot in their relationship, however by putting a cameraContinue reading “Katie and Bull Tie the Knot”