Fantasy Portraits

Fantasy Portraits are a place where your imagination takes flight…
Where every image is handcrafted and unique.
Where age is just a number, which means nothing.
Where children choose their own adventures and can be anything, anyone, or anywhere they’d love to be, and always off on their next adventure.

Just as every human is unique, so is your portrait. Julie NEVER uses the same background she makes twice. Every single one of this images below have been lovingly hand crafted and created from scratch by Julie. She loves to create each piece by hand, making them unique to every single one of her clients.

Below are some original images followed by what was created to turn them into the fantasy portraits my clients receive.

What is the cost of a Fantasy Portrait?

Each and every portrait is hand crafted, and with that process comes a lot of skill and time invested by Julie to ensure the best possible end product for your family.
Each session begins with a consultation with Julie to find out more about the person having their portrait created for them. This little consultation can be done in person, over the phone or skype so living where I do isn’t a hurdle; Julie can create remotely!

Your session will be $150.00 which includes all planning, creating and an 11X14″ matted gift print ready to frame of one fantasy portrait. If you have more children you’d like a portrait for, you can include them by purchasing their very own session.

Once we know our topic being created, we will photograph your session incorporating a variety of poses and imagery to give Julie the best possible collection of images to work with.
From here, your Fantasy Portrait is crafted. Once the image has been created, it is printed onto 11X14″ professionally printed and matted gift print.

We do have options for high-definition metal prints which brings out the colours and details in a stunning way. The high-definition aluminium prints we use, are made on aluminium that’s protected with a special coating that the image is fuzed into. Our HD metal is resistant to stains, scratches, water, fire, tears, age-related yellowing – and lasts 200-400% as long as the world’s best photo papers. HD Metal prints start at $154.


What is the inspiration behind your ideas? People hold such an incredible wealth of inspiration for me. Every single person carries with them experiences, perspectives and stories about their own lives which light up my own imagination. This is why I find our initial consultation so important, because that is really a source of concept development for me.

If I don’t live near you, can I still have a Fantasy Portrait created? Absolutely! One of the joys of the digital age means we are never far away from one another! Do you have high resolution images I can take a look at which were not taken on a phone? Do you have someone who can take photos that we could use? Or do you have a concept you’d like me to create for you which may not involve people- as I can accommodate that very easily!

If my child drew a picture of their ideal imaginary world, can I send that to you to create? Heck yeah!!! My own children do this ALL the time and some of my most treasured moments in the past few months have grown out of having their images delivered to my desk, semi ordered by them to ‘create them now’ and having really open conversations about what they’ve drawn, what their vision is and having them sit with me as we create together. I really LOVE that part of my work, when I get to see the switch happen from ‘I am not creative’ to ‘ooohhh I helped make that!’ I’ll pop two examples below for you to see two of my kids drawings to final images.

What software do you use? Hopefully you don’t hold it against me, but I’ve been a Canon girl all of my life and love my Adobe Suite!

Are they always your own photos or do you collaborate? They are not always my own photographs, I do purchase stock imagery and collaborate with other artists and photographers to craft the best possible imagery for my clients.

Do you design the digital backgrounds from scratch? Absolutely do! I’m very proud of each and every single one of them as they often tell a story of my own adventures at that moment in my life.

Are you self taught or do you have training in digital design? A bit of both, but mostly self taught. I studied a Bachelor Degree of Industrial Design for four years after I left high school and found parts of the degree really drew me in and other parts killed my creative soul. Looking back, I’m really grateful for many of the experiences and skills I learnt/was exposed to as I do use some of those now.

Will you attempt any concept? hmmm… I haven’t had a challenge I have turned down yet. I am interested in the light and the dark of life and my personal creations reflect that journey. If ever I was uncomfortable with an idea, the client and I would have a longer conversation to work out what that subject looked like for them, why it was important and if there was a capacity in myself to take it on.

Above are drawings that my children drew of their imaginary places and sat with me while I created the final image with 100% of their input. Two of my treasured images for creating the space for them both to realise that drawing and colouring doesn’t mean you are or are not creative, and there are many ways that they are able to be expressive. Seeing their confidence grow, and my pile of drawings from them on my desk, has just been magic.

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