Fantasy Portraits

Fantasy Portraits are a place where your imagination takes flight…
Where every image is handcrafted and unique
Where age is just a number
Where children choose their own adventures
They can be anything, anyone, or anywhere
and always off on their next adventure.

Just as every human is unique, so is your portrait. Every single one of these images below have been lovingly hand crafted and created from scratch by Julie. She loves to create each piece by hand, making them unique to every single one of her clients.

Below are some original images followed by what was created to turn them into the fantasy portraits my clients receive.

Fantasy Portraits

Fantasy Portraits can be a one off event or part of our EXIST club, where kids come once a month to the studio to create a world of magic.

Fairy Day 2020

Fairy Day 2020 was a HUGE success with over 16 kids coming through the JCC studios to create their own special fairy magic portrait.
It is with great pride that I share these images with you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming on a fun adventure with me!
All my love,

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