Portrait sessions with Jules are about capturing you,
your relationships and your story.
Posing and static photography is not Julie’s style she approaches her work from an incredibly relaxed space and makes you feel at ease; this is so important to her as she guides you through your session.
Her portrait sessions have been described as a conversation with some photographs taken along the way. Imagery that hold empathy, emotion, and essence of its subject she finds the most captivating.

We have all seen that one photograph which makes us pause and think.
Perhaps it also spoke to your imagination and made you experience the story, want to get to know more about the subject. For Julie, it began before she was able to read, when imagery captivated her imagination and getting her hands on anything with imagery was thrilling!

When Julie began shooting, she was 9.
She had saved all of her pocket money up and had found an old Instamatic camera at a garage sale down the street. She purchased her first roll of Kodak 400 and proceeded to photograph everything in her path. She would work anywhere she could to raise the money to get her images developed and finally the day arrived!

Every single one of her black and white images were blurry, but it didn’t matter as she had completely fallen in love with the process. It wasn’t until the development of her business later in life she discovered the storytelling power behind imagery and the true brilliance of emotive storytelling.

She educated and taught herself as much as possible to learn how to continually capture these moments and now brings those skills into every single image she creates and captures for her clients.

Julie has been professionally capturing stories for over 12 years now.


You will find Julie Clyde Creative in Coffs Harbour, NSW and Julie does travel for her clients.
Before your portrait session we will talk through the session and answer all of your questions.
Some of the topics include what to wear, what you might need to bring, changes of clothing, locations, weather and more.

Having printed images displayed in your home is something very important to Julie.
You wouldn’t hide a Michelangelo portraits away in a closet, so why has it become the normal to do it with your photographs?
Julie has sourced the best of the best, handmade prints and wall art in Australia, to compliment your photographic session.
From print boxes and framed prints to canvas and metal wall art, there’s something for all price points.

How do you dream of being photographed?
Call the studio on P: 0423 777 275 for a style consultation – let us personally design your shoot

Photo shoot with Jules costs: $100 (session fee only)
Session fee includes up to a 1 hour session on location or in studio
with mum/partner, dad/partner & up to 3 children.
Also includes in studio ordering appointments approx 1 week after your session to order what you love.
PLEASE NOTE: Printed products and digital files are in addition to this session fee and are purchased at your ordering appointment.

Digital files $55 each and Wall Portraits start at $154

For Bookings & Enquiries please email jclydecreative@gmail.com or simply fill in the contact form below.