There’s a fairy at the bottom of my garden

Photographing children has always held a special place in my heart. Since 2010 when our daughter was born, I moved away from the wedding photography world and into the portraiture world. Which I’m told is pretty common among photographers.
Being in this world was fantastic. I taught myself everything from women to pregnancy through to families and newborn babies but I never quite got ‘THE THING’ I truly loved handing over to clients. Don’t get me wrong, I photographed some gorgeous pieces but there was always that element missing I couldn’t put my finger on.

I took a course with a Nowra based photographer, Aimee Louise where she talked about using textures and layering imagery to create the final effect. I felt a little piece of my puzzle drop into place. Since that course I’ve been messing around with digital composites and layering of imagery over the top of another to create a completely different feel and I LOVE it. Whether it is received in the public eye as much as I love it, it makes me happy and that’s really all that matters.

I took my eldest kiddo out into an empty housing block near us late one afternoon after school and we shot a handful of images ‘for fun’. Later that evening I had a play with a few of them while she was sitting with me and she remarked, ‘you’re actually good at this mum’. haha thanks, kid. But I understood that for her, she’s never seen me create or make anything, so to her, it was the first time seeing an image unveil itself.

One of them now very proudly sits above my workspace as a 20X30 high def metal print. I love seeing her catch a glimpse of herself and very proudly comment how much she loves it too. I printed her a mini version in a frame for her room. I feel that where we can inspire the next generations imagination, we create futures for ourselves.

I’m listening…Are you?

I have had the pleasure recently of collaborating with a really fantastic old friend of mine. We’ve grown up in two very different worlds but I have always admired her deeply. She’s always known who she is and what she stands for. Like an old soul ready to conquer the world in the best possible way- for the good of the Earth.

I created a fine art piece some time ago and had shared it with Millie back at the creating phase. It wasn’t until recently that Millie shared the written piece below on her facebook page. She lives in Tasmania and living through some of their worst fires in decades. All boiling down to three combining factors in climate change, bonding together and creating these firestorms. The Guardian is about the only paper I have seen reporting anything to the ‘mainland’ about these fires and that in itself angered me most.

Millie’s written piece resonated so deeply to what I had created that I shared it with her almost putting our two puzzle pieces together in a perfect fit. I felt this piece spoke to her words louder now than ever before.

Her words echo it beautifully, she’s a healer waiting for the moment to make huge changes to our planet.


Today I’ve been listening.

I’m listening…
I can hear a rooster. Calling. Calling in the smoke. Lone voice choked with ashes and yet it keeps calling.
I’m safe here right now. I’ve got a plan. I’m connected to information and resources and a body that will work.

I can hear the birds tweeting. Fooled into a weird kind of dawn chorus. It would be pleasant. Except it isn’t.
I’m safe right now. I’ve got water and power and distance between me and the current fires.
I can hear my friends texting. Are you ok? Where are you going? Nah, still fine. Winds a bit awful.

I’m listening…

I can hear the hearts calling. Echoing and then lost in the wind and the heat. Grief sizzling as the landscape melts out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I can hear the crackle of rage burning. Fuelling exhaustion already given power by the anticipation and anxiety of what is to come.

I’m listening… 
The silence is deafening. The weak acknowledgments, the “thoughts, and prayers” the “he should do better” coated in a pile of simply not-good-enough-yourself-bill-shorten.

Today is the day to start talking. Amidst the ash and the wind and the fear. Today is the day to start listening, to our hearts, to the deep knowledge of people who care.
Today is the day to start acting. Before the rains come, before the election is won, before the day is done and before the platitudes set in.

I am listening. And I am hoarding my fuel load, my sticks of fury, my leaves of hope and I am ready for more than just fire.
Millie Rooney

Some ways you might like to get involved include organisations like the following.
ACF – they have good ways for people to get involved and, Kelly O’Shanassy their CEO, has incredible integrity and is very very clear about the need for inclusion.

Tipping Point – have amazing people running this who keep their egos out of things and do a lot of behind the scenes support work.

The grassroots level of school climate strikes have their information on where stuff is happening –

Of course, last but certainly not least;
Australia Remade which is about inspiring people by saying the future isn’t set, we can actually change it, connecting people because we cannot win alone (and your issue is my issue – climate, jobs, social justice) and together there are ways we can act to create this vision.
These are all just examples, but each organization have lots of different opportunities to point you in the direction of to help.

With so much discussion around climate change, there is a growing movement of people who are tired of waiting. Tired of hoping our leaders will do something positive to enact change. The time is coming up quickly and it’s now passing that time. Our time is NOW. Before there is no future for our future generations.

2019 Fine Art Meets Family Portraiture

2017 and 2018 saw a lot of upheaval for our family. With relocating overseas, over the course of about 2 months and then coming home to storage containers filled with mold… it was very soon that half the year had disappeared and by Christmas, I was just coming up for air again.
Life doesn’t throw nice things at you very often and Christmas in our household was definitely a series of mac trucks being thrown and driven through our lives, that I’m glad that those who needed to be in our lives stuck around and those who obviously didn’t need to be are no longer.

Just before Christmas, I decided to invest and back myself for once; something I haven’t done for a while. I went back to Creative Live and browsed a few classes. I could do photographic classes again but I love my style of photography, I just felt I was never finishing my images, my way. I had a few clients over the years who were ok with me playing with their final images but it wasn’t until November 2018 when I had a special 3-year-old allowed let me shoot the images I needed for her specific request at the end of a shoot, and told me what she wanted to be created into. I was so excited I came home and compiled over 6 images and shot her little masterpiece to her mum. Apparently, it was very well received.

Copyright of Julie Clyde Creative 2019

The feeling I got surrounding that one image from our entire session sat with my question of “Why would anyone shoot with me and not any other photographer”. It had been a long-standing question I was repeatedly asking myself and without reply, I would stop capturing people altogether or discount my packages to ‘suit’ what others wanted. That’s the single most fun way to kill your own soul let me tell you… Not.

So while I was browsing the Creative Live Library, I came across Brooke Shaden. Her work talked about “Fine Art Imagery” and how to create consecutive pieces to create a series, how to exhibit, how to do all the things I’ve always wondered about and felt completely stuck. Hmm, the class was nearly $200 so I left it for a few days. Low and behold a few days passed and I went back to purchase her course only to find there was a HUGE sale and it was now $99! So over the past month, I have been following along with her coursework and loving every minute. I’ve been unpacking some old memories from upstairs in my head and finally getting them out into an image. Sharing them has been absolutely terrifying BUT as Brooke says, it’s like you’ve created a series of your own Horocrux’s (yep, Harry Potter references!) and a piece of your soul is sent out in every image. Thankfully though, no one can actually destroy me if they don’t like the image.

So in the first few days I learned the fun art of planning and photographing every part of the final piece, and so I don’t spend a fortune on stock imagery, I get the control over the light, the angles, the everything to do when we bring all of those images in to composite.

Copyright of Julie Clyde Creative 2019

Copyright of Julie Clyde Creative 2019

So whilst I’m diving back into photography here in Australia, there will be many new creations coming out of JCC. Some you might like, some you might not, and some will make you feel all the things… that’s ok. That’s what Art does.

I have a backlog to catch up on as usual to blog about but my goal is to at least bring you a new piece a week so 2019 here we go! ❤

Keep smiling,
Love Jules

Just Be Revolution – “Your Way Or Their Way”

This is a very personal post today, I know that being comfortable and content is one thing but happiness is SO much more. Feeling ‘enough’ to receive anything is a struggle. To receive thanks, money, gratitude, compliments… name it.
I’ve already achieved much in my life but was it “My Way” or “Their Way”… enjoy!

“All my life, when I’m truly honest with myself I’ve always done the ‘right thing’ or ‘what’s expected.’ I passed high school well, I traveled for a year, I went to uni and graduated, got married, work hard, had kids, am a good mum and wife. I’m now 33 with 3 kids and although I’m content I do sometimes wonder what would life look like IF?”

Struggle Town- Population Jules

I have struggled for years with anxiety. This was a rough piece to share but I felt it truly needed light, especially sitting front and centre at the time of another episode. I hope those who find this, find a little peace.

” it’s extremely ostracizing and deeply painful. I shy away from social interactions, being around people other than my family unit… sometimes even away from my family. “

Click here to read more:
Just Be Revolution – Discover of Self Blog


Just Be- Blog “Your Are Your Thoughts”

Please click on the link below to read more from my Just Be Revolution Blog post:

“When you spend so much time in a negative head space, you outwardly research and glean examples of why something is 100% truth. When you’re in a positive mindset, the same is true, however it’s not detrimental to your own self. Your beliefs are an equation of

Thoughts + Feelings + Research/Proof= Belief.”

You Are Your Thoughtslogo

Penning the path ahead

I have been invited to be part of The Just Be Revolution and not only co-found this amazing revolution, but share my story and journey ahead coupled with artworks and imagery for each piece. Pretty cool from my perspective.
Just Be is…
A Revolution of courage, strength and love.
A Revolution of tolerance, kindness and confidence.
A Revolution to change how we feel about ourselves and to change how we see others.
Just Be is fighting for a future where everyone is accepted for who they are and how they look. The Just Be Revolution is a platform to share stories, and as our army grows, our voice will get louder. Together we are stronger and can make the world a better place for everyone.

Just Be is for everyone who wants to live in a kinder, more tolerant world where nobody is judged on their appearance. Just Be is for everyone who wants to help change what society sees as beautiful, normal and acceptable. Just Be is for anyone who has been teased, bullied, abused, beaten up, or worse, because of how they look or how they choose to look. Just Be is for everyone who is confident and happy to just be who they are.
We are fighting for a world where nobody is afraid to be themselves.

Many people have NO clue to my history and it’s not something I’ve ever shared. I’m finding though in my older years it’s becoming unwanted, disliked baggage that needs aired and dropped off along the road. I’m tired of seeing cyclic patterns arise and continue to prevail where change is growing.
I’m tired of the bullies and abusers.
The opinions that drive so many to lead pain filled, suppressed lives.
I’m tired of not living for me. For living how others perceive I “should”.
I’m tired of the ‘shoulds’ ‘musts’ ‘cant’s’ of life.
I’m tired of the abuse.

I just want to watch those around me thrive and blossom. I want to create art that speaks to those in transitions, pain, dark spaces and show them a path back to the light. It can be done- it’s not easy but it CAN be done.

So in light of this, here’s my first post for The Just Be Revolution: 

“I’ve battled my whole life to become the strong person I am today.  I’ve heard that what gets you through the first half of your life is completely different than what gets you through the second half of your life.
I know I’m not quite at the “second half” point yet, but I’ve been learning a lot about myself, and what I want for my life, over the last year or so. I’m doing a little reinventing early.”

To read more from the blog piece, please click on the link above.

I hope you enjoy the adventures and the imagery that accompanies this journey!


Fine Art Products Now Available!

I’m thrilled to have partnered with Fine Art America to offer Julie Clyde Creative Artworks for sale as prints and on merchandise. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing artworks finished by a frame, matt and glass or even as a canvas or metal print.

Fine Art America is home to 100,000+ of the world’s greatest living artists and photographers.   You’re able to browse their collection of 10,000,000+ images – all of which can be purchased as art prints, posters, framed prints, canvas prints, iphone cases, greeting cards, acrylic prints, metal prints, and more.   When you’re ready, they’ll deliver a museum-quality masterpiece right to your doorstep. Which I love!

Taking a step back from seeing the process through from start to finish, for me is difficult, but I know Fine Art America’s reputation, product and quality so I’m thrilled to be part of their site.

Here’s a few examples of our work, partnered with their finishes!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From Tote Bags, to framed prints to circular beach towels!!!! (my personal fave) I can’t wait to see where these gorgeous pieces end up! Make sure you tag #JClydeCreative and #JCCInMyHome so I can see!

Thank you as always for your ongoing support of my business! ❤

Keep Smiling,
Love always

Travelling Brings with it Creative Inspiration

Ocean, Bar, Jamaica, travel, lifestyle blog, branding
“Latitude Bar” at Sandals South Coast, Jamaica. Photography by Julie Clyde Creative

I forget how much the ocean opens up creativity for me. Sitting in it on the first day here, I had a few minutes to reflect on the past 12 months at Julie Clyde Creative and realised just how far I’ve come to date but also how far I still have to work on to continually grow and develop this incredible ‘ little business that could’. SO many times I threw this business into the trash, threw my hands in the air and simply gave up. SO. MANY. TIMES. Shouty text is for me to remind myself that was the last time.

It brought up some interesting conversations with my friend, Vanessa, who I’m travelling with. She owns and runs View It Do It which is an incredible live stream business out of Norfolk, Virginia, USA. She can take her high def cameras ANYWHERE in the world and live stream your big event globally.

As we contemplated the end of day one here, we got onto a few topics which had arisen as part of the conference we are here with. There had been some tension and frustrations voiced throughout the day, which I was working my best to not jump in and offer some suggestions. I realised how common these frustrations are and why they actually happen.

When you have an organisation, you need structure. Now whether or not that is a board of advisers for your sole trader or LLC which involes a few friends, your mum and the cat or whether its a small to large comany, having directors, CEO, COO, CFO and what works for your company are imperative.

There needs to be people in these positions who are leaders. They shouldn’t be there because they’re deemed the strongest personality, or appear always in control.
This is a general observation from many businesses I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The companies who thrive and work the best together have been the ones where the CEO works with EVERYONE around themselves. Yes, It’s their ultimate decision on many things, BUT, they are not making all the decisions based on their own thoughts, agenda, ideals and what they want out of it. Even my business starting out, I had my husband as a big sounding board and a few of my business friends with a couple of my non business friends to sound ideas off. They have grown to be imperative to my own decision making and success. A great and supportive team are imperative to any growth be it in life or business.

The second key to your business is not your logo. I’m sorry that’s NOT your branding. It’s your brand MARK but not your brand. Some graphic designers create the most spectacular logos and marks and I really enjoy scrolling through websites and imagery checking those out. While these are part of what you do, in order to have a clear cut message and direction for your business, it’s imperative to your success you have a brand developer come in and work one on one with you and your board to get your messaging spot on.

If you sell toilet paper for example, and it’s the softest, whitest, prettiest designed toilet paper but your messaging says you sell gift wrap, you’ll attract the wrong audience and create a muddled brand for both yourself and your prospective clients.

Recently, one of my brands and I were talking about their brands message and their tag line in particular. For me I know when a message hits home. It’s like a huge light that goes off in my head. He was talking about his photography work and what could he have has his tag (I adore his work so this was a total thrill for me to work with him on this). It started out with bringing nature inside and creating my passion to inspire you. Which don’t get me wrong are still nice, but when he started to tell his story a little more and spoke of what emotion it brings his clients that’s when the light bulb went on for us all. He said “My mum always tells me that my work ‘Puts you there’ so maybe Place you there?”
I was hosting a workshop at the time and every single attendee looked up from their work and literally yelled at him, OH YES! You HAVE got to check out his work over at Russell Pugh Photography. We are still happily working together and I cannot wait to see where his brand and clarity drives his amazing passion and creativity.

Vanessa from View It Do It, when we first started working together’s tag line was “Where Everyone Gets a Front Row Seat” Which in itself isn’t bad, BUT it didn’t allow her clients to understand what it was she did from the get go. She changed it after we had some long branding chats to “Stream You Big Day Live”. Instantly people understand what she does and she is thriving daily.

For your brand to be fully understood you tag line is important but its also your essence and substance behind what you do. It’s your mission and vision statements. Its your commitment statements, key words, colours, font selections, messaging throughout everything you do. This is my passion and being able to watch business men and women realise their message and potential it makes me incredibly inspired within myself. At the end of the day, my clients should be, must be, more successful than I am and if they’re not, then I’m not doing my job properly.

New Art Available In Our Store!

Whilst creating branding for my clients, I sometimes get time to take some ‘self care’ for myself and just create. These pieces were SUCH a joy to make and I love each and everyone of them. From the ‘Purple Haze’, ‘Sunset Over The Land’ to ‘Sun Showers’ and “Snowstorm” I love each and everyone of them for different reasons.
Each of them are for sale via our Etsy Store in limited quantities so grab yours while they’re available!

From every purchase from the store, 10% of profits will be sent to The Wounded Warrior Project, USA and Soldier On Australia in your name. PTSD effects not only the returning soldier, but also their family and friends. We thank you for supporting our favorite charity and helping so many who serve and protect us, to find a little peace xxx

Keep Smiling