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We understand that life is busy and often we never get to printing images of our kids. We get it. We want to make your time with us as EASY as possible.

There is a range of reasons why we print your portraits that are created with Julie Clyde Creative. The important one is that you have a high quality, professionally printed version of what we have created together.

Professional prints are sharper, better colour quality, and look even better than what you see on your screen but most importantly they last for a really long time.

Are you out of space on your walls? No problem!
We also have beautifully crafted albums and books that we can put together for you. In these albums, we have created a secret page! But we are keeping that a secret until you’re here. It’s too exciting for social media!

We work with your needs, not sales.
For now, all you need to do is book in the date that suits you the best, relax and let us do the rest!

Easy, simple, fun portraiture, created with heart since 2007

JCC Team

Why do we print?

In a day and age where digital is the most common place to hold our memories, here at JCC we prefer prints because having a tangible, beautifully printed images means that memory can be revisited multiple times a day, not just when you’re scrolling memories on your phone or socials.

The right piece, when created for you with your home in mind, will brighten any room you wish to display.

Great pieces are often kept throughout your childrens lives and shared and passed down to the next generation. They are treasured memories of different times and where children’s portraiture really comes into it’s own is seeing how little they once were compared to how they have grown on any future given day.

Working with our modern portrait studio means we are here to work with you to create art for your home and family. We absolutely LOVE what we do and consider it such an honor to be chosen by our JCC families.

Portraits are our favourite subject and our goal is to create art for you that will last for generations.

One of the best ways to see if we are the right fit for your family is to come and have a complimentary visit with us. We are open weekdays by appointment and can arrange you to come in at any time that’s convenient for you.

All images are Copyright of Julie Clyde Creative
All images are Copyright of Julie Clyde Creative


Planning what to wear for your next family portraits experience?
Have no clue what to wear?
Never fear!!!
Here are a few tips to help you out

Julie Clyde Creative’s style of imagery is natural, authentic, and relaxed, so whatever you love, that speaks to who you are and what you love, is a fantastic place to start!
What you choose to wear in a nutshell can make or break the look of your session, but with a few tips, we can do this together. We want your images to be timeless, beautiful, and a little sassy too. Check out some tips below.

Some tips on planning your Portrait Session

It can be confusing knowing where to start with outfits. If clothing is noticeable or overbearing in a portrait, it could easily become a distraction. Clothing that does not attract attention to itself is the ultimate goal. It could be the difference between a very successful portrait and just another picture.

Our style at Julie Clyde Creative uses black and white backdrops in the studio to keep you front and centre in your portraits. The best ‘base colours’ to start with tend to be whites, creams, greys, and neutral colour palettes. Incorporating layers and textures in your wardrobes like lace, tulle, and textured materials can work beautifully to break up the clean-cut look.

For outdoor or location sessions the base colours are a great place to start- but think about where you are being photographed. The beach, bush, industrial area? The same principals apply here too. Richer tones look fantastic in the bush whereas softer colours can look beautiful at the beach.

To get the flow going with your wardrobe selection, start with one outfit that you LOVE to wear.
What do you feel $1,000,000 in? Start here!
From there, build from the main outfit.

STEP 1 – Pick out your favourite outfit from head to toe.

STEP 2–  Don’t forget to select shoes and accessories to compliment your clothing. Pro tip, if we are outside shooting and you want to wear heels, bring some flats incase your feet get sore or we need to climb a little

STEP 3 – Find clothing for the other members of the family which compliment your outfit. Neutrals are a solid base that will never date. Then add some colour if you wish to break things up.

Always try to avoid logos and bold patterns for portraits where possible. They can be distracting to the eye.  

I hope these few tips help to take the stress out of planning what to wear for your photography session, we have some beautiful dresses, tops and accessories here if it’s feeling all to0 much, simply let me know your size ahead of time and we’ll work together to find the right ‘something something’ for your session.

I want your photography session to be an amazing experience and want to minimize any stress that comes from booking your shoot right through to the delivery of your beautiful forever products to remember this beautiful time in your life because time doesn’t stay still for anyone.

What about my hair and make-up? 

We can take care of all of that for you, so all you need when you arrive is yourself, your outfits, and be ready to be pampered.

We have partnered with beautiful local hair and makeup artist named Kailee who will meet you here at the studio ready to take care of you. If you have an idea of what you would like let her know. Her cost is $100 on top of your session but takes so much stress out of getting ready on your day.

What happens after our session?

Julie gets to work on your images preparing them for your gallery. The best way to first view your images is to pop back to the studio for nibbles and drinks to view them on our screens. It’s a beautiful way to chill out and catch up after your session.
Each portrait package is different so we will talk about what is included and show you what you’re receiving from our time together. Being together means we can show you the most beautiful products to print with should you like any wall art for your home. There is zero pressure, we just love to be with you to see your first look at your images. 


No problem! Simply email jclydecreative@gmail.com or message the studio through Facebook

The Ring Master

Recently we created a portrait called The Ring Master. It’s brought a little controversy to the world (because clearly we didn’t have enough right now!) and I want to explain something to those offended by the creation.
This portrait is created for the imagination of my clients. My clients are varying ages from 1 through to 12 years old and they LOVE what is created for them.
I understand animal rights, and cruelty and all the things you’re projecting into this imaginary image, but it’s simply a young boys imagination.
Being the master of his own imagination. If our kids cant use their imagination then what a sad world we live in.

To help explain the process a little, here’s a behind the scenes video showing you how our images are created. Julie prides herself on creating fantasy portraits, especially for her client’s requests. This one is for one of our gorgeous club kids

The year of dreams and adventure

We are into the second week of 2020 and I’m already SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO behind with writing… School holidays create it’s own cyclone of mayhem but add on a blossoming business and 3 energetic kics, 2 fur kids and a husband in transit… I’m exhausted thinking about it.

SO playing catch up a little, this young lady won her fantasy portrait session last August and it took until last week for us to photograph and create her piece. I’m SO in love with the final image and I know she is too. She even asked her mum “Was there a unicorn at Jules’s house?” I told her that there is but he likes to hide 😉

“Dreams are the playgrounds of Unicorns 🦄and children are the adventurers of those dreams” and im incredibly grateful I was able to put this together for this family.

I’m pleased with the colour of this one and how well it’s been received by those who have seen it. I LOVE hearing how excited and happy they make their little people and big people alike!

Copyright of Julie Clyde Creative

The makings of a Merry Christmas

Christmas time for kids can bring about a number of feelings, and it’s something that’s been on my mind lately as we draw closer to the big day. Having spent a few years as a photographic elf with Santa, I remember seeing so many little ones who were nervous around him and became so incredibly upset being placed near him or on his knee, my kids included. Yes, even having mum on the ‘inside’ doesn’t stop them from bursting into tears or keeping their safe 300m distance from him.

Creating the way I do, I was thinking how could a little person who is scared of the big man be able to have a yearly Christmas Portrait still, minus the tears and angst? I edit, I love making backdrops and placing Santa in after the fact seemed like an easy fit! So I have done exactly that.
Kids don’t like to look at the camera? That’s no problem either! I can cover all options.

If you have a little who you think might benefit from having their portrait photographed in a stress free environment, get in touch and I will help with your yearly Santa portraits!

The Adventure Series

This series began as a homework assignment for a fine art course I took part in some time ago. The tutor encouraged us to think further than a single image and think about how a series would look. So I explored a little bit and came up with the top three images. A little Alice in Wonderland mixed with darkness and magic.
Yesterday I was daydreaming, as I do when I have other things to be doing, and considered the series had become stuck and stagnated a little. I had an idea of the adventurer in the story becoming ‘held’ or paused and how that would look noting I had created two of the three images with trees. So I began to play and the idea of not being fully set into the landscape but evolving that way should I wish to free her later on. For now, she is slowly evolving into every other tree in the forest. I kind of love the idea that trees are people who have become so still and stagnated in their lives that they are now part of the landscape.

” She had stood still for so long, she had lost her way. She had grown roots and wasn’t’ able to move forward at the speed she once had. She was evolving quickly into every other tree in the forest “

– Julie Clyde –

Christmas Mini Sessions- Booking Now!

Christmas mini portraits are NOW BOOKING via this link.
Whether it is for your family, grandparents, fur family, cousins, friends or special people in your life, a mini session is a great way to capture that! A simple 20 minute session with two gift prints, and make sure you book yourselves brunch or dinner after your session to continue the fun!

The Adventures of Alex and Mo

I am so very thankful I had the opportunity come around to photograph this little family. The kids were such a joy to be around, so creative too which in turn set my imagination alight! I asked their mum to ask Mo this one question, “If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?” She was asked not to give her any ideas or prompts and Mo’s reply was “A baby Elephant”. It was an answer that rumbled around my sub conscious for a few days before our session, and when I met her I asked her a few more to make sure I really understood what she was imagining. Definitely watch this video below to the end where you’ll see their ideas and series of Fantasy Portraiture come alive!

All images copyright of Julie Clyde Creative 2019
You may not copy, replicate or produce without written consent from Julie Clyde Creative