Well hey there, my name is Jules.

I come from Coffs Harbour, NSW and I live in a beautiful home with my gorgeous kiddos, fluff ball puppy and insanely hilarious chook who thinks she too is a dog.

I was always told that I lived my life in “La La Land” and that is something that’s truly resonated with me over time. I create images of imagination and Dreamscapes to entice my audiences to look deeper within themselves and spend time enjoying my art space. I see the beauty in life where others may not and I create images that inspire my clients’ imaginations and dreams. For so long my creativity has been silenced by others opinions and criticism of what I do. I listened to them so much, that I ceased to create altogether. I now create to honour myself and my voice to create portraiture filled with freedom and dreams for others to enjoy. It’s my favourite way to escape reality and I hope it brings others’ imaginations along for the ride.

My time is devoted to being a Mum to my daughter and twin sons, mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs whilst growing my own businesses. I have been told so often that my personal story is so often clearly seen in my work as I capture snapshots of the world around me and manipulates them into my artworks.

I love to travel to capture portraits so please don’t hesitate to reach out and let’s collaborate! I’d love to meet your family and spend time with you making Fine Art Portraiture with you…


1. My favourite mode of transport is by train.

2. My star sign is Cancer, I’m overly sensitive sometimes, love my home and drool endlessly over astrology and psychics.

3. Bruno Mars is my future husband

4. I hate grocery shopping- I always forget the important things!

5. My worst habit is fostering dogs! I adore seeing them flourish in our care.

6. I am a coffee SNOB especially since coming home from the land of drip coffee. I like to drink macadamia nut lattes in buckets.

7. My favourite word is shit. You can use it in almost every grammatical application.

8. I don’t own a Credit Card

9. It’s a goal to spend a week in the Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand.

10. I love the number 2


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