Well hey there, my name is Jules.

I come from Coffs Harbour, NSW and I live in a beautiful home with my gorgeous kiddos, fluff ball puppy and insanely hilarious chook who thinks she too is a dog.

If I had to sum up what I did, I’d say I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve worked for myself since I can remember, but if you were to ask other people, they would add that I’m a creative artist, Skincare and beauty maven, photographer and sports nutter.

To give you a better understanding, I’m a creative artist who has owned their business that’s won a few buckets of awards and has seen me capture 100’s of couples and families over the years. My success with photography started with features in local magazines and grew to international awards and publications. Some of the more impressive tear sheets include Cosmopolitan Bride, Vogue and being one of the top 20 images in Asia Pacific.

In October 2015, I embarked on a new adventure whilst being posted to the USA with the hubs and kids for 3 years. I wasn’t quite sure how it would go, but I knew there was something else out there I should be doing – growing and developing brands for other businesses – of all the things! I have always had a love for graphic design and I’ve since brought those skills back into my photography and creative art to create unique pieces for my clients.


1. My favourite mode of transport is by train.

2. My star sign is Cancer, I’m overly sensitive sometimes, love my home and drool endlessly over astrology and psychics.

3. Bruno Mars is my future husband

4. I hate buying toilet paper

5. My diet would best be described as an unsupervised child at a birthday party

6. I am a coffee SNOB especially since coming home from the land of drip coffee. I like to drink macadamia nut lattes in buckets.

7. My favourite word is shit. You can use it in almost every grammatical application

8. I don’t own a Credit Card

9. It’s a goal to spend a week in the Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand.

10. I love the number 2


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