The year of dreams and adventure

We are into the second week of 2020 and I’m already SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO behind with writing… School holidays create it’s own cyclone of mayhem but add on a blossoming business and 3 energetic kics, 2 fur kids and a husband in transit… I’m exhausted thinking about it.

SO playing catch up a little, this young lady won her fantasy portrait session last August and it took until last week for us to photograph and create her piece. I’m SO in love with the final image and I know she is too. She even asked her mum “Was there a unicorn at Jules’s house?” I told her that there is but he likes to hide 😉

“Dreams are the playgrounds of Unicorns 🦄and children are the adventurers of those dreams” and im incredibly grateful I was able to put this together for this family.

I’m pleased with the colour of this one and how well it’s been received by those who have seen it. I LOVE hearing how excited and happy they make their little people and big people alike!

Copyright of Julie Clyde Creative

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