I’m listening…Are you?

I have had the pleasure recently of collaborating with a really fantastic old friend of mine. We’ve grown up in two very different worlds but I have always admired her deeply. She’s always known who she is and what she stands for. Like an old soul ready to conquer the world in the best possible way- for the good of the Earth.

I created a fine art piece some time ago and had shared it with Millie back at the creating phase. It wasn’t until recently that Millie shared the written piece below on her facebook page. She lives in Tasmania and living through some of their worst fires in decades. All boiling down to three combining factors in climate change, bonding together and creating these firestorms. The Guardian is about the only paper I have seen reporting anything to the ‘mainland’ about these fires and that in itself angered me most.

Millie’s written piece resonated so deeply to what I had created that I shared it with her almost putting our two puzzle pieces together in a perfect fit. I felt this piece spoke to her words louder now than ever before.

Her words echo it beautifully, she’s a healer waiting for the moment to make huge changes to our planet.


Today I’ve been listening.

I’m listening…
I can hear a rooster. Calling. Calling in the smoke. Lone voice choked with ashes and yet it keeps calling.
I’m safe here right now. I’ve got a plan. I’m connected to information and resources and a body that will work.

I can hear the birds tweeting. Fooled into a weird kind of dawn chorus. It would be pleasant. Except it isn’t.
I’m safe right now. I’ve got water and power and distance between me and the current fires.
I can hear my friends texting. Are you ok? Where are you going? Nah, still fine. Winds a bit awful.

I’m listening…

I can hear the hearts calling. Echoing and then lost in the wind and the heat. Grief sizzling as the landscape melts out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I can hear the crackle of rage burning. Fuelling exhaustion already given power by the anticipation and anxiety of what is to come.

I’m listening… 
The silence is deafening. The weak acknowledgments, the “thoughts, and prayers” the “he should do better” coated in a pile of simply not-good-enough-yourself-bill-shorten.

Today is the day to start talking. Amidst the ash and the wind and the fear. Today is the day to start listening, to our hearts, to the deep knowledge of people who care.
Today is the day to start acting. Before the rains come, before the election is won, before the day is done and before the platitudes set in.

I am listening. And I am hoarding my fuel load, my sticks of fury, my leaves of hope and I am ready for more than just fire.
Millie Rooney

Some ways you might like to get involved include organisations like the following.
ACF – https://www.acf.org.au/ they have good ways for people to get involved and, Kelly O’Shanassy their CEO, has incredible integrity and is very very clear about the need for inclusion.

Tipping Point – https://www.tippingpoint.org.au/ have amazing people running this who keep their egos out of things and do a lot of behind the scenes support work.

The grassroots level of school climate strikes have their information on where stuff is happening – https://www.schoolstrike4climate.com/

Of course, last but certainly not least;
Australia Remade www.australiaremade.org which is about inspiring people by saying the future isn’t set, we can actually change it, connecting people because we cannot win alone (and your issue is my issue – climate, jobs, social justice) and together there are ways we can act to create this vision.
These are all just examples, but each organization have lots of different opportunities to point you in the direction of to help.

With so much discussion around climate change, there is a growing movement of people who are tired of waiting. Tired of hoping our leaders will do something positive to enact change. The time is coming up quickly and it’s now passing that time. Our time is NOW. Before there is no future for our future generations.

Published by JClydeCreative

Julie Clyde Creative is an international creative artist. Through her artistic works she hopes to bring courage and hope to those who seek it and create conversations around her pieces. Jules sees the beauty in life where others may not and creates images that inspire her clients imaginations and dreams.

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