“Fear is excitement without the breath”

I’ve been in the crazy throws of planning and executing the official launch of Julie Clyde Creative this coming July. It has been nothing short of madness- however those that know me know I’m an expert procrastinator to things that I don’t completely love.
There have been a couple of menial tasks that I’ve had to push myself to do when it comes to planning BUT everything is falling into place.

I continue reading literature to help me improve myself mentally and work through alot of the self sabotage I have been so good at. I have read two things that have sat with me these past two weeks; “give yourself space for your creativeness” and “Fear is excitement without the breath”. Both mean very different things but similar at the same time.
Without an empty brain I find that all hell can break loose in there and I feel a little over stimulated. Taking time to create that space has given wings to short bursts of some of my favourite pieces of DreamScapes to date. My Raggy Baggy Elephant being one of those. He was meant as a concept sketch for a client but I fell in love with his roughness and simplicity too.
Fear has been a governing factor for me for most of my life. I was always the ‘worrier’ and told not to. I’m sure that’s far easier when you’re not continually reminded that you’re the worrier and given tools around it- like taking a breath in. Did you know that you can completely change your mindset with three deep concentrated breaths? Me either until the past few days, but you definitely can.
If you can get through childbirth JUST breathing then I’m sure a little anxiety would be a breeze? Some days haha.

So we now have 9 DreamScapes for sale, three artworks ready for display and to go home to three people’s homes and a few other surprises ready for the launch. We have an Etsy Store up and running now and you can access the prints here.
Our event begins 7pm July 2nd and you can find out more information from our previous blog.

I am off to crawl into bed, in the hope my middle boy doesn’t decide that stripping off in bed is hilarious fun again. We’ve had a very long drive back from DC today so I need to catch up. A 3 hour drive doubled for who knows what exact reason. Possibly a squirrel by the roadside haah.

Good night!
Love Jules

Raggy Baggy Ellie

Published by JClydeCreative

Julie Clyde Creative is an international creative artist. Through her artistic works she hopes to bring courage and hope to those who seek it and create conversations around her pieces. Jules sees the beauty in life where others may not and creates images that inspire her clients imaginations and dreams.

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