“Fear is excitement without the breath”

I’ve been in the crazy throws of planning and executing the official launch of Julie Clyde Creative this coming July. It has been nothing short of madness- however those that know me know I’m an expert procrastinator to things that I don’t completely love.
There have been a couple of menial tasks that I’ve had to push myself to do when it comes to planning BUT everything is falling into place.

I continue reading literature to help me improve myself mentally and work through alot of the self sabotage I have been so good at. I have read two things that have sat with me these past two weeks; “give yourself space for your creativeness” and “Fear is excitement without the breath”. Both mean very different things but similar at the same time.
Without an empty brain I find that all hell can break loose in there and I feel a little over stimulated. Taking time to create that space has given wings to short bursts of some of my favourite pieces of DreamScapes to date. My Raggy Baggy Elephant being one of those. He was meant as a concept sketch for a client but I fell in love with his roughness and simplicity too.
Fear has been a governing factor for me for most of my life. I was always the ‘worrier’ and told not to. I’m sure that’s far easier when you’re not continually reminded that you’re the worrier and given tools around it- like taking a breath in. Did you know that you can completely change your mindset with three deep concentrated breaths? Me either until the past few days, but you definitely can.
If you can get through childbirth JUST breathing then I’m sure a little anxiety would be a breeze? Some days haha.

So we now have 9 DreamScapes for sale, three artworks ready for display and to go home to three people’s homes and a few other surprises ready for the launch. We have an Etsy Store up and running now and you can access the prints here.
Our event begins 7pm July 2nd and you can find out more information from our previous blog.

I am off to crawl into bed, in the hope my middle boy doesn’t decide that stripping off in bed is hilarious fun again. We’ve had a very long drive back from DC today so I need to catch up. A 3 hour drive doubled for who knows what exact reason. Possibly a squirrel by the roadside haah.

Good night!
Love Jules

Raggy Baggy Ellie



How to honor your mother

When I was talking to Lynn a couple of months ago, we were talking about finally meeting at an up-coming party. I was going to drive 4.5hours south and her a couple hours north to attend two of our friend’s achievement in business.As we got talking more, I learned that Lynn was about to be married.
You all know how I love a good wedding so conversation headed towards what she was doing, where she was having her day and what she would wear. She told me she still wanted to have photographs taken in her mother’s wedding gown but hadn’t managed to do that yet.
I jokingly said, ‘why don’t we photograph you before the Lexus Party?’ to which an emphatic SURE was returned. So we got to planning and an image popped into my head of what we could possibly achieve. I knew I wanted it somewhere green with water behind her.
It wasn’t until a week out, I was gossiping again with Lynn and followed up about where we should take the images.
Then she sent me a photo of her location. It was the image I had in my head from the month prior and was perfection.

On the day I traveled up to her home, just outside of Wilmington and arrived a little wet and soggy. It was pouring! She was already in her mum’s gown and looked stunning.
She bravely stepped outside into driving rain (It wasn’t a sprinkle!) and smiled and played with me for 30minutes.
The light was amazing and nothing short of perfection. As I photographed her she told me she wanted to be able to honor her mumma somehow on her wedding day. She felt that by taking a photograph in her gown and having it on display as her bridal portrait was one of the ways she knew how she could.
Her mum is aging like many of our mums are, and she wasn’t sure she would recognise Lynn as the one wearing her gown, rather she may see it as herself. Either way I was honored to be the one capturing the images for her heart.

Mum’s play such an integral role in our lives. Mine has shaped me in so many ways, both good and different. I wont say bad as nothing I experienced growing up with my family was. Mum and dad worked hard. REALLY hard and for that I’m so thankful for seeing their determination to do something better than what they grew up with.

Lynn, THANK YOU for allowing me space into your life to capture this amazing gift for your mum. Thank you for trusting me with your heirloom and thank you for letting me play with your dog 😉

May your life together with hubs, be as incredible as you spoke of to me, always.

Love Jules

Copyright- Julie Clyde Creative 2016
Copyright- Julie Clyde Creative 2016


Copyright Julie Clyde Creative 2016
Copyright- Julie Clyde Creative 2016



The wakening of a lost spirit

Julie Clyde Creative is a HUGE part of who I am as a woman, mother, lover and friend. I am a Creative through and through. I just had lost her for a while. I found her though… being a hermit hiding away in the back left corner of my pinkie toe. Well I didn’t find her, rather the Modern Femme Movement Conference women did and I’ve been encouraging her back ever since.

From a tiny girl I spent hours in my room drawing and colouring in, and playing with my dad’s very, very expensive camera. If it wasn’t for my sister wanting me to play sport with her and school, I’m not sure I would have ever left the sanctuary of that room.

Drawing for me was an escape from reality, a way to tell stories and a way to make people smile or have a conversation with me about an image I had created. I love creating art that speaks to people. I create art that I find hard to look at sometimes too but that’s OK. It’s a part of myself I needed to get out of my head space and that’s OK. It evokes a different response in everyone I meet.

After completing a Bachelor in Industrial Design at the University of Canberra in Australia, I began to re-discover my creative side as I felt so stunted during the regimented approach to design. We were only allowed to draw one single line, not multiple scribbles as I adored so much. It was a challenge I loved but truly I should have pursued Graphic design I think at that time.

A few months passed and I started to use the technology that I had learned through my degree with my art and I created “Dreamscapes”. I had an image in my head that was visually haunting me, but it was beautiful all at once. I had to get it out and onto paper. From there a mini-series began and now I have six ‘scapes’ that I have created. However these images were never shared with anyone else. Just me, until now.

My modern portraiture stemmed from my love of traditional portraiture. I hadn’t discovered many people who utilized technology and art the way I wanted to so I kept searching. I found two American women in particular who changed all of that. I met recently Greg McCullough in Disney who is a Disney Illustrative Artist. I could have talked with him alllllll day. He was my first sign from the universe to get on with it and follow that nagging feeling of there’s something I SHOULD be doing.

My modern portraiture was also a way for me to take the question of ‘why should we use you as our photographer’ out of the equation, and I wanted to show my skills to show people why I was worth their time.  Why I was worth their cherished memories. I wanted to create heirloom pieces that could be passed down generations and be kept for years to come.

I myself am a mum of three, and a wife to possibly the greatest man alive. Don’t tell him that. We met at high school and have been together almost ever since. We took a break for a few years after high school to grow up and experience the world before we found each other wanting to know how the other was and what they were up to. He’s my everything and we truly love where our lives are taking us and that I can continue my dream of retiring him from Navy to chase his own dreams, whatever they may be.

My love gets poured into everything I do and I hope there is something I can create for you that you will cherish for a long time to come.

You can commission work via my website contact section  or purchase prints from the Dreamscape series.

During the coming weeks there will be changes to the site but I can’t wait to share a piece of my love with you all on July 2nd 2016 at the official launch of Julie Clyde Creative.

Love always,