The Power of Flames

Julie Clyde PhotographyOh, you two… It’s been a four year romance with you both and I love you to pieces!

Trish and I met while I was photographing the ‘Black and White project’ and her Lizzie was the Master Chef baby. She was such a spunk of personality during the session and in between fits of giggles, Trish and I gossiped about anything and everything.
I then was given the honour of photographing their family not long after the project had ended and then almost every year since. I have had the pleasure of watching Lizzie and her brother Alex grow and learn new and exciting skills every time we meet.

Trish and Adam’s son is beautifully Autistic. Yes, beautifully.
They know I adore him as if he were my own family, and I still get such a kick out of playing, talking and capturing his smiling face. Every time it’s time to say good bye I get a pang of ‘please can we have another hour!’

When I told Trish I was coming down this time, she was the first to book her family session and then surprisingly to me, booked a her and Adam a session. I think it’s SO important for parents to take time for them occasionally too and remember the when, why and how they fell in love and then why they still adore the pants off each other now.

Now starting this session was a tough one… 7am the morning after Anzac Day, in Canberra, at the lake… ANZAC day ALWAYS brings the first chills of winter and I definitely felt them… Possibly the Coffs Harbour warmth had left me as well…

It was so cold there was Fog on and around the lake
It was so cold there was Fog on and around the lake

I was happily rugged up in a fleece and a doona jacket when I saw Trish and Adam wandering down in a formal gown and a suit without a jacket! They made me cold just looking at them… I had nothing to worry about as we soon forgot the cold and things heated up.
I was NOT prepared for the intensity of where they would take my invitations or in Adam’s words, Leading questions.
For some reason I feel emotional reactions from people before seeing them sometimes. I can’t explain it but I do. I get choked up and awkward when tears are coming and can feel sadness like the suffering was my own. It can be a plus sometimes but not always.
Saying that, I have never experienced a couple that when they are just looking at each other create such intensity I feel like I’m walking in on something I shouldn’t be!

This hot tamale mamma has lost an incredible amount of kilo’s since we first met. She was beautiful before so I asked Adam what he thought, “She was a hot mumma before, but now she KNOWS she’s a hot mumma’.

5K7Z1993They are twin flames that must find each other every single time they are brought back to earth. Their bond is like no other I have been privvy to. I love that they found each other online and after months of chatting decided to meet up for a movie that turned into the past 10 years.

Their gentleness towards each other and the way Adam hold Trish is firm but passionate. It’s her home and he’s her rock. She’s safe in his arms and tells me that when he’s around there’s no other place she wants to be. He’s her soul mate- and I don’t doubt that for a second.

Thank you both SO much for the fits of giggles and the romance! I had an incredible time getting to know the couple outside of your beautiful children. I hope all the lipstick ‘herpes’ that were smacked on Adam’s face came off and you weren’t sparkling all day long. Also hope the post photo coffee warmed you back up!

Remember to keep telling the universe you’re winning a trip to Disneyland so  I can meet up with you while I’m away and photograph your family at Disney!
Julie ClydeMuch love xxx

Published by JClydeCreative

Julie Clyde Creative is an international creative artist. Through her artistic works she hopes to bring courage and hope to those who seek it and create conversations around her pieces. Jules sees the beauty in life where others may not and creates images that inspire her clients imaginations and dreams.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Flames

  1. Oh Jules – our love affair with you will NEVER end.. You’ll be taking photos of me and my children LONG into our old age!! Lizzies wedding photos? The photo of her with her first born child? I want you there for ALL of that!!! And yes, Universe, – we’ll be in Disneyland in 2015 at Christmas thanks!! 😉 (Or a little before that – just not HIGH season!!)


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