For the love of horses

5K7Z0795This young lady you see above is nothing short of amazing. She has broken over 50 bones in her body, had the worlds hardest childhood, recent other medical concerns, yet here she stands smiling and happy alongside her latest horse acquisition and the man who is winning her back… one day at a time…

I met Jamila three years ago when she was working in childcare and incidentally was looking after Taylor. They both hit it off and had an inseparable bond that never ceased.  Fast forward to today, and she’s still a part of our lives in the best kind of way.

As a 12 year old girl Jamila went to Mountain Trails Horse Riding Camp (I did at the same age too!) and fell in love with these four legged brutes. She says she has both owned and ridden them ever since.

When Magic came into her life, she had just lost two other recused horses to illness she wasn’t able to treat and more importantly the previous owners didn’t tell her about. He is a strong boy and is protective of Jamila. While she’s leading him down to where we are going to do the photos he is always between us to keep an eye on me and this black thing in my hands.
She tells me he has jumped fences because he thought she was in danger. 5K7Z0740-Edit-2She speaks of her horses like they are her children. Their achievements and their tremendous growth both mentally and physically since they came into her care. Magic is a thoroughbred (normally a breed used in racing) and came to her unfit but healthy. He’s been the only horse she hasn’t rescued, she  bought for love.
He has gorgeous muscle tone and is fit, and his bond with her is unbreakable. Maigc to Jamila is just that- Magic. He is strong, dependable and most of all loving. He continually nuzzles her and kisses her all session. I feel like a third wheel! ha ha
There’s a whole other horse I haven’t mentioned yet so I better post some more magic pictures and get onto my ‘favourite’ horse Ally. Not that I am allowed favourites…
Julie clyde photographyHold on someone’s interrupting me….5K7Z0718

Oh Hi Ally…

Now this next horse has some spunk… cheekiness and truckloads of personality… Whilst Magic is gorgeous and cute, I’m sorry he’s got nothing on Ally.
From the instant I lead her back to the ring earlier in the session, we were mates. She still checks you out first, as do all horses, but she sealed our friendship with a big snotty kiss on my camera and some funny mouth smacking action.
5K7Z0851-2While I asked Jamila questions about Ally, we were continually interrupted by Ally- Almost as though Jamila wasn’t answering properly. I said I thought Ally was an old soul, and that she was simply beautiful to which I received a very loud and happy whinny.
She came to Jamila via a family member who wasn’t able to look after her anymore. Her life has endured being a champion dressage horse, a breeding horse to being very hungry and thin in a field until Jamila took her on. Her tail is shorter than normal and when I asked about it was told she had worm like bugs around her backside which made her scratch and scratch which in turn made her lose her tail. It’s started to grown back again now thankfully.

I know these horses cant verbally tell you how thankful they are for you, Jamila but I can see they are by how happy and secure you have made them both.
blogallyI adore animals and it was such an honour to combine my Beloved work with animals for once. This session really set me up for an exciting weekend and I left heart filled and over the moon.
Stay tuned for the next session! It’s a bit awesome!

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Julie Clyde Creative is an international creative artist. Through her artistic works she hopes to bring courage and hope to those who seek it and create conversations around her pieces. Jules sees the beauty in life where others may not and creates images that inspire her clients imaginations and dreams.

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