Upcoming projects

A many of you know, we have two weeks left in Australia before hitting the jets to America for three years.
This is a great thing family wise, but not so much professionally as I’m not allowed to work. I can volunteer and learn which I fully intend to make use of. There are so many great photographers I want to meet and learn from I can’t wait!
My husband and I have lived apart now for four years and we are becoming more like friends than anything else. We are both really looking forward with spending some quality time together and becoming husband and wife again. It’s been a long time overdue.

There have been a few projects knocking around my head for the past few years but one always seems to keep cropping up and keeps putting itself in front of me every now and again. Since seeing Trish, Adam, Lizzie and Alex last month in Canberra it’s really kicking at my door. I’m not sure how I want to approach the project just yet but I know it’s going to be approached with love, happiness but most of all education. ‘You can question love but you can never question happiness’. Pharrell Williams said that last week and it just resonated with me.

So right this second I can’t give you specifics of HOW I’m going to do this project but I would really love to begin hearing from any families who are living with Autism, ASD and the branches that are created from there like Asbergers, OCD etc. There is such an incredible bond with these gorgeous children that intrigues me and little Alex has taken my heart away with every inch of his soul.

I would love to know your story: How did you find out about your special someone living with ASD? what are their dreams? what are your goals for them? what amazes you? what is the hardest part of living with ASD? do you have access to therapies? If you could educate me on the most cliche thing what would it be? What has been your favourite event/ memory/ thing that has happened to date? Please you can make this email 5000 pages or just a few paragraphs but I’d love to get your story. All about you and what makes your family so unique.

Please don’t feel like there’s an end date to this project. I’m planning on the next three years at least to educate myself, meet and learn from you all and photograph where appropriate as I go. But ultimately my aim is to capture the carers, the beautiful souls living beautifully with autism and help waken others to these people, one image at a time.

You will be my muse and together we will create this important project x

This link to my You Tube Channel will give you an idea of my work and how I put a families story together. I hope it helps to inspire you xxx

If you live with a family member with  ASD then I really want to hear from you please at info@julieclyde.com

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, I’ll be traveling the next three years and if I’m near you I would be honored to capture your family once the project is up and running!

I can’t wait to meet you


X Jules


Dream Scapes

dreamscapesfacebookThis image has taken me weeks to be content with. Dreams to me can be so realistic that I have been known to wake up in the morning and grumble at the hubby for something he clearly had no control over but I dreamt he had done.

I get warnings or messages in my dreams as well, and when I pay attention to them, they have often helped. One of my favourites was when I was pregnant with the boys and I had a dream about my sister. I haven’t spoken to her for over three and a half years now and she lives 12 hours away. I dreamt she met me in my dream and said ‘You’re pregnant’ to which i replied ‘ Yes to twins, and so are you’ to which she said ‘yes with a girl’. I knew she was pregnant, because for some reason it wasnt us fighting for a change. Long story short, mum called her a few weeks later after she returned from her holiday to find out she was pregnant…with a girl! Weird huh.


After getting home from Canberra a few weeks back, I had a dream about the lake(my second home as a rower) and all those weird road works for some reason… So here’s Mt Ainslie with my version of roadworks in my dreams… Think it could almost be an improvement haha xxx




Trish and Adam’s Beloved Collection

I was surprised at myself for not trying this earlier. Beloved, to me, is all about the story behind the images not just the images themselves. My own mother, who as seen many shoots I have done over the years, was moved by this clip like I have never seen before.
She told me how she thought that was the best session I had ever done… so I made a few more videos and each brought her to a different emotion but always the same comment of, ‘these are great, maybe you should be a videographer’

Can’t win them all hahaha

I hope you love this as much as I did making it.



The Power of Flames

Julie Clyde PhotographyOh, you two… It’s been a four year romance with you both and I love you to pieces!

Trish and I met while I was photographing the ‘Black and White project’ and her Lizzie was the Master Chef baby. She was such a spunk of personality during the session and in between fits of giggles, Trish and I gossiped about anything and everything.
I then was given the honour of photographing their family not long after the project had ended and then almost every year since. I have had the pleasure of watching Lizzie and her brother Alex grow and learn new and exciting skills every time we meet.

Trish and Adam’s son is beautifully Autistic. Yes, beautifully.
They know I adore him as if he were my own family, and I still get such a kick out of playing, talking and capturing his smiling face. Every time it’s time to say good bye I get a pang of ‘please can we have another hour!’

When I told Trish I was coming down this time, she was the first to book her family session and then surprisingly to me, booked a her and Adam a session. I think it’s SO important for parents to take time for them occasionally too and remember the when, why and how they fell in love and then why they still adore the pants off each other now.

Now starting this session was a tough one… 7am the morning after Anzac Day, in Canberra, at the lake… ANZAC day ALWAYS brings the first chills of winter and I definitely felt them… Possibly the Coffs Harbour warmth had left me as well…

It was so cold there was Fog on and around the lake
It was so cold there was Fog on and around the lake

I was happily rugged up in a fleece and a doona jacket when I saw Trish and Adam wandering down in a formal gown and a suit without a jacket! They made me cold just looking at them… I had nothing to worry about as we soon forgot the cold and things heated up.
I was NOT prepared for the intensity of where they would take my invitations or in Adam’s words, Leading questions.
For some reason I feel emotional reactions from people before seeing them sometimes. I can’t explain it but I do. I get choked up and awkward when tears are coming and can feel sadness like the suffering was my own. It can be a plus sometimes but not always.
Saying that, I have never experienced a couple that when they are just looking at each other create such intensity I feel like I’m walking in on something I shouldn’t be!

This hot tamale mamma has lost an incredible amount of kilo’s since we first met. She was beautiful before so I asked Adam what he thought, “She was a hot mumma before, but now she KNOWS she’s a hot mumma’.

5K7Z1993They are twin flames that must find each other every single time they are brought back to earth. Their bond is like no other I have been privvy to. I love that they found each other online and after months of chatting decided to meet up for a movie that turned into the past 10 years.

Their gentleness towards each other and the way Adam hold Trish is firm but passionate. It’s her home and he’s her rock. She’s safe in his arms and tells me that when he’s around there’s no other place she wants to be. He’s her soul mate- and I don’t doubt that for a second.

Thank you both SO much for the fits of giggles and the romance! I had an incredible time getting to know the couple outside of your beautiful children. I hope all the lipstick ‘herpes’ that were smacked on Adam’s face came off and you weren’t sparkling all day long. Also hope the post photo coffee warmed you back up!

Remember to keep telling the universe you’re winning a trip to Disneyland so  I can meet up with you while I’m away and photograph your family at Disney!
Julie ClydeMuch love xxx


Designing Best Mates

5K7Z2690-2I have been sitting here now for about fifteen minutes trying to think of the best way to begin… You’re looking at two of my best friends in the world and one of my best girlfriends.
She’s amazing.
These two know sadness, these two know heartbreak, these two know friendship but most of all they know love.
Most people I meet have had their fair share of each of the above statements but for some reason Beck and Mick just take each of them by the horns and don’t do it by halves. Mind you neither do I which is possibly why we get along so well.

I met Beck whilst we were job sharing at a design company. She was the other receptionist whom I left letters in a communications book each time I worked with numerous ‘sorry I didn’t get to finish…’ notes. Eventually we left jokes for each other and slowly the book became almost a gossip book for how we were going. I initially thought Beck was about 35 (sorry!) and when we finally met we just hit it off. She’s AWESOME.
5K7Z2701Anyway… Beck and Mick met in high school and have been together ever since. That’s something that is quite rare these days, but I, like them, know the benifits of growing up with and marrying your best friend.
I have NEVER actually gotten to photograph these two gorgeous people because someone decided to be 40 weeks pregnant when they got married… Sorry guys!

So when I was coming to Canberra I crossed everything I could and asked Beck if she would be up for a Beloved Session. It took a little persuasion and nagging on my behalf but she agreed and the date was set. The afternoon rolled around and with a few external factors going on including an abscess in Becks’ tooth that went into her jawbone we decided that afternoon tea was a better idea…
During afternoon tea we got to talking about all thing creative as we do and onto Beloved. Beck has a beautiful eye for photography too- whether she admits it or not… so I told her to eat up and get in the car. She rang Mick on the way back home and we picked him up on our way to the back of a paddock. It was close to 5pm and the sun was setting quickly.

Normally Mick is a joke around and annoy Beck as much as possible during photographs sort of guy, but I think working with them both left us all laughing hysterically and forgetting we were there to take photographs.
My husband called mid shoot on Mick’s phone because I wasn’t answering and after persuading him the car was really over the other side of the paddock we got into some warmer invitations. These get into the bricks and mortar of a relationship and can often be laughed or joked off by partners. These guys excelled and really let the other know how important they are to each other.

I asked them what they were initially attracted to in their partner and for Mick it was Beck’s gorgeous blue eyes. According to Beck ‘I was 16 and he was gorgeous‘ haha So romantic! haha
For Beck she fell in love with Micks capacity to love her, ‘he was smitten and just adored me. I couldn’t believe that someone as gorgeous and funny and amazing as Mick could love me. He was so fun to be around and just felt so safe around him. I wasn’t used to feeling safe around others…”
5K7Z2546-EditI decided to ask one more question of Beck and that was, being together so long, what makes you love him still today? Hold onto yourselves ladies… he’s taken.
Over the last 12 years, I have gotten to know Mick more and more and I keep falling more and more in love with him. He is so kind, sweet and gentle. Watching him with animals or kids is the most gorgeous thing to me. He has a great sense of humor, he can be so funny (although sometimes he is the only one laughing, he has an amazing collection of dad jokes). He makes me feel so safe and comfortable and just so loved! I love him so much and would do anything for him, I couldn’t imagine loving anyone as much as I love him. I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else.”
Normally I would have shortened the answer for the blog but it just sums Mick up perfectly. He’s that guy who teaches your kids to do things you have tried for their early years to avoid… like saying ‘Cheers’ everytime you take a drink at the dinner table… But he would also give up his weekend to come over with Beck and take care of the same child when the mum is dying of gastro. They both will never realise how important, loved and cherished they truly both are.

The rest of the session gets left in the field and at home between these two. I’m thrilled you like your photos and even loved a couple! Photographing friends is like nothing harder in the photography world. I was really happy that how I see you, and your quirks were captured and reflected back to you both. I think my all time favourite thing I got to relive whilst editing was Beck’s smiling happy face change to utter disgust next frame, then just as quickly evolving into laughter.
blogimagesI’ll cherish this shoot with you both for a long time to come… Until I get another fill of Beck and Mick laughter xxx


Winning by hearts

5K7Z1033-2On the back of Jamila’s session with her horses I decided to be sneaky.  Josh and Jamila have been together for a while but had split some months ago. Upon arriving at the horses session I saw Josh was there too, pottering about and helping. So being the photographer I am, I started to ask a few gentle questions… finding out that Josh was in the process of winning back his woman one surprise at a time, for ten days.
We were in day four at the shoot. (Hope you won her back my friend!)
I took all the horse images and then asked them both to put the horses away… and follow me. I wish I had taken a photo of Jamila’s face. It was confused, intrigued and filled with ‘what on earth are you doing Jules’. My favourite face from any client.
So putting them together in an old stable I got to work. Gently getting them to engage one an other with drawing on faces, to the ‘If the other was a…. what would they be?’ games. Cracking up laughing with them I knew it was time that Josh got the opportunity to tell Jamila how he felt and vice versa… What better way than with a sneaky photographer hanging about.

Getting to steal Josh aside while Jamila saddled Magic up meant I could ask him how he was going and how the surprises were going. I asked him why he wanted to get back with Jamila- why she was the one for him, “ I love her cheeky smile when she’s up to something and the way she cares for others. She has a passion for helping others and always putting them first. Even with everything going on she has this ability to see the positives in everything no matter how bad it is, and I want to be apart of that.”

So I asked Jamila later on what made her fall in love with Josh and she told me how he came to the horses very early on in their relationship and spent the morning with her feeding and cleaning them. It was important to her because he took the time to do something with her that she loved doing.
SO when does she feel most loved by Josh? “When I’m spending time with him. Doesn’t matter what we are doing just the one on one time
His greatest strength in Jamila’s eyes is how he cares for those close to him… Sounds like they’re two peas in a pod!

Thank you for letting me be a part of your session!
blogtwoLove you both! Behave yourselves and Jamilla… PLEASE say yes to being together 😉 He’s one in a million


For the love of horses

5K7Z0795This young lady you see above is nothing short of amazing. She has broken over 50 bones in her body, had the worlds hardest childhood, recent other medical concerns, yet here she stands smiling and happy alongside her latest horse acquisition and the man who is winning her back… one day at a time…

I met Jamila three years ago when she was working in childcare and incidentally was looking after Taylor. They both hit it off and had an inseparable bond that never ceased.  Fast forward to today, and she’s still a part of our lives in the best kind of way.

As a 12 year old girl Jamila went to Mountain Trails Horse Riding Camp (I did at the same age too!) and fell in love with these four legged brutes. She says she has both owned and ridden them ever since.

When Magic came into her life, she had just lost two other recused horses to illness she wasn’t able to treat and more importantly the previous owners didn’t tell her about. He is a strong boy and is protective of Jamila. While she’s leading him down to where we are going to do the photos he is always between us to keep an eye on me and this black thing in my hands.
She tells me he has jumped fences because he thought she was in danger. 5K7Z0740-Edit-2She speaks of her horses like they are her children. Their achievements and their tremendous growth both mentally and physically since they came into her care. Magic is a thoroughbred (normally a breed used in racing) and came to her unfit but healthy. He’s been the only horse she hasn’t rescued, she  bought for love.
He has gorgeous muscle tone and is fit, and his bond with her is unbreakable. Maigc to Jamila is just that- Magic. He is strong, dependable and most of all loving. He continually nuzzles her and kisses her all session. I feel like a third wheel! ha ha
There’s a whole other horse I haven’t mentioned yet so I better post some more magic pictures and get onto my ‘favourite’ horse Ally. Not that I am allowed favourites…
Julie clyde photographyHold on someone’s interrupting me….5K7Z0718

Oh Hi Ally…

Now this next horse has some spunk… cheekiness and truckloads of personality… Whilst Magic is gorgeous and cute, I’m sorry he’s got nothing on Ally.
From the instant I lead her back to the ring earlier in the session, we were mates. She still checks you out first, as do all horses, but she sealed our friendship with a big snotty kiss on my camera and some funny mouth smacking action.
5K7Z0851-2While I asked Jamila questions about Ally, we were continually interrupted by Ally- Almost as though Jamila wasn’t answering properly. I said I thought Ally was an old soul, and that she was simply beautiful to which I received a very loud and happy whinny.
She came to Jamila via a family member who wasn’t able to look after her anymore. Her life has endured being a champion dressage horse, a breeding horse to being very hungry and thin in a field until Jamila took her on. Her tail is shorter than normal and when I asked about it was told she had worm like bugs around her backside which made her scratch and scratch which in turn made her lose her tail. It’s started to grown back again now thankfully.

I know these horses cant verbally tell you how thankful they are for you, Jamila but I can see they are by how happy and secure you have made them both.
blogallyI adore animals and it was such an honour to combine my Beloved work with animals for once. This session really set me up for an exciting weekend and I left heart filled and over the moon.
Stay tuned for the next session! It’s a bit awesome!