Multiple play group


Each fortnight my kids pack up our car and head out for a Friday of crazy times. At 9:30am at Boambee hall we have the Multiple Maddness play group followed very closely by tt’s gymnastics class down the road.

Multiple Maddness is a wonderful collective of multiple birth parents that help, share knowledge and now play together.
My first week wheeling in the twins and wrangling TT was met with huge smiles and welcomes. When it came time to feed the boys one beautiful mum wondered over and took one for me to feed. She misses her twins being babies. 🙂

When I heard Coffs coast Kids magazine were coming today to do an article about the multi mums group I offered to take some pictures for the mums. The magazine didn’t come but I definitely photographed some cuteness today!!

These two are fraternal twins meaning non identical- this is the norm for boy/girl twins. Missy moo didn’t really want to cuddle her brother.

This little guy never leaves home
Without his hat! Love! I couldn’t get over his little sulky lip. Haha

This beautiful image is of grandma with one of her twin grand daughters. I love capturing the difference in generations. I wish I could do more like this!

There are so many more images but I’ll save them for the beautiful mums xxx



Messages in Moments

Messages in Moments

We took some little family photos last time Bear was home. This one of TT and I was a selfie. She loves them as much as I do haha. I have been studying Beloved further and wanted to incorporate some of the new bits and pieces into my work.

“Messages in Moments” takes the visual portrait of a beloved session and combines it with the verbal quotes taken from each session. It can be quite stirring and captivating. It gives strangers another dimension to an image… It gives them an insight into someone they don’t know the story of.

This image is a selfie like I said, of my daughter and I.
I want her to know when she is bigger how much she means to me. Especially on those days that we may not agree, she will always have images with my voice in them to carry her through.

I want her to know her mum is always proud of her.

To know love is a beautiful thing.



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Creative Education


Thursday, Friday and Saturday last week I spent in Canberra. Now before all of Canberra get upset I didn’t see them, to be honest I didn’t see you either. I flew in at 3:30pm Thursday afternoon, had a quick date with my naturopath and then headed to collect my favourite Hope from work. Whilst trying to work out my hire car, Hope was trying to break in. Unbeknown to me, the car locks itself while you have it turned on to stop people like Hope busting in for a long awaited hug.
We set off to the city and quickly grabbed some dinner before heading to listen to Jesh De Rox. His name even sounds cool doesn’t it! Jesh is the creator and amazing mind behind Beloved Photography. I’ve studied his online training and I’ve been utilising it in sessions ever since. Actually being in the same room and listening to him speak was IN-CRED-IBLE. Thursday went from 6:30pm-10pm then most of us went out with him to the city to get  late night snack and keep the conversation open. Time VERY well spent.  I think we crawled into bed around midnight…

Friday began with a vacuum cleaner… Interestingly enough it was like being home on a Saturday morning as a teenager. After some fun locating  Jesh in the city we headed back to Hope’s studio for a full day of Jesh intensive.

Six of us joined Jesh for his workshop all unknown to myself except Hope. There was Bec, Jodie, Briony and Dani all who had no idea that inside I was trying to hide in the corner like I normally do. After a few get to know you exercises Jesh style we were well bonded and snort laughing at each other. It doesn’t take long to make bonds when you realise “no one in the world is a stranger, they are just people who’s story you dont know yet”. Jesh

I wish I could explain to you what we did. But I can’t. It was an experience difficult for words but amazing to be apart of. I know I laughed and cried a little and then laughed a whole lot more. I am filled with fantastic moments and quotes which I have been replaying over and over since. I supposed I now know what Hope meant by the Jesh bubble. I’m in mine and not coming out!
I came away from the loooooooooong day feeling like it had been only a few hours and all I could muster to say was ‘awesome’.

I nervously had my accreditation test at the end of the day and passed. I passed!!! 🙂

I have taken away tools that will help me become a better photographer, but more importantly it will also help me be a better mother to my kids, wife to hunky bear and friend to those both close to me and those I am yet to meet.