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Sitting Ducks


It’s not often my family is together and rarer still that they sit for photographs. For some reason the Australia Day long weekend brought hubby home for three days and on the third day I managed to convince him to have some pictures with the kids.
I know… Gob smacked!

I think through his sensory over load and sleep deprivation he would be keen for almost anything that had the promise of coffee at the end.
So, here are four of the cute ones with a few more yet to come.

Our miss three isn’t fond of photographs but she’s getting the message it can be fun now. Especially as she sees her brothers being snapped and she’s getting jealous. Thinks she’s missing out haha

Anyway, great weekend, loved having us all together and missing the bear already. Five weeks to go until the next hug an counting.






Seems there’s been a whole year that’s passed between posts… That would explain the two moves, no internet, the house building, the deployment of hubby and the twins we cooked while he was away. Yep, it’s been insane. That was 2013 and this is 2014 and things are just as hectic.

We are now in our new home and studio and I contract to Emma Rhoades photography. She’s awesome. It’s simple. We get along far too well, she’s honest, up front and the bluntest person I’ve ever met. I value her friendship and honesty more than anyone I know.

So upon moving to Coffs, I had miss 3 all sorted for daycare and school and thought one night… I need to find work now. The next morning I woke up and the first thing I saw was Emma looking for someone to do her family and newborn portraits… So I shot her off an email and didnt think I’d hear from her- about six hours later I did. She wanted to meet me! *start freak out stations*

We met and the rest is history. I’ve bought far too many props now and played with never enough babies and I’m in heaven… Only to be told we are being posted to the states in June 😦 Poo. At least all the aussies will have a postal address now! I might have to start charging a post office trip fee hahah.

I will try and catch you up on some images from the sessions I’m doing and keep you posted with what is going on here a little more. I say that every year and look what happened to 2013!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Australia Day and all the other bits i’ve missed!
It’s good to be back.

Oh and I re branded while I was away…