My first two weeks- Coast style

When relocating there were SO many questions I had in my head. Who will I be able to talk to? Who will I meet? HOW will I meet them (that was a big question) and the biggest, Will I get work?

I had done a little research pre move and had been in touch with a couple of business’s. I had messaged out of the blue Coffs Harbour High Tea and had the most hilarious and lovely replies. As soon as I made it up and had settled I went to meet the person behind the messages Sammy. She is divine. I hadn’t met her or spoken to her over the phone yet when I walked into her little shop I was greeted with the biggest hug and smile- Now THAT’S a welcome. Needless to say she’s a great new friend and her tea is amazing!

My mum is a member of the local chior who sing at events and local nursing homes. Mum said it brings the elderly some comfort and entertainement and she just loves to sing. I remember the cold mornings in the car going to school and listening to golden oldies on the radio with her singing along. Best days of my life 🙂
She said she was singing locally and I asked her to go along. The usual- ‘why would you want to come hear me sing? Oh no no you’ll be bored’ replies came out. Then I said ok well I’ll come and take photographs and you can give them to the ladies for Christmas- I was in.
Mum’s not wrong when she says they sound beautiful. They were incredible. I caught myself a few times listening instead of photographing. No wonder the elderly LOVE them coming around.

Whilst waiting for my prints to print today I popped over to the local markets with mum, dad and bean in tow. I knew Sam would be there with her tea (and being English mum wanted to meet this amazing tea lady too) and I wanted her to meet my family. It’s great she’s so laid back as I’m not sure when friends extend to meeting parents? haha

There was the usual incredible teas and clients until the most charasmatic, beautiful man arrived. He was hilarious. I wish miss two hadn’t evolved into melt down mode as I would have LOVED to stay and learn more about him and his story.
He just had an air of incredible but looking in his eyes I could see a little saddness and hurt too. If only I could meet him again- maybe photograph him too…

Later this afternoon I texted Sammy. To apologise for the intrusion of family and to ask if she knew the gentle gorgeous man we had met. She did. I was sad to hear he lost his wife a few years ago and that he’s had a lot of hurt in his life.
I suggested we plan him the most fabulous afternoon combining our skills and she was SO excited. Plotting begins today!

Watch this space…

I want to tell him my motto:

Everybody has a story. Everybody is beautiful. Everybody is photogenic.

You just have to be shown your own beauty through loving eyes.


Published by JClydeCreative

Julie Clyde Creative is an international creative artist. Through her artistic works she hopes to bring courage and hope to those who seek it and create conversations around her pieces. Jules sees the beauty in life where others may not and creates images that inspire her clients imaginations and dreams.

4 thoughts on “My first two weeks- Coast style

  1. Great post Jules! Glad to hear things are starting to happen for you up in Coffs work wise (already!) and that you have met some nice new people. I would love to hear your Mum sing too, that is wonderful that she is in a group 🙂


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