Relocation to Coffs Harbour NSW

Urunga Boadwalk- Iphone Panorama snap

28th October 2012

After a tumultuous final month in Canberra I am happy to announce we have relocated to Coffs Harbour on the sunny NSW coastline.

My baby girl was very ill the last month or so with Pneumonia and a bacterial infection and we were in and out of hospital a number of times with her.
Since relocating a week ago both of our health is on the mend and I am finally feeling well enough to make it through the day without a day nap.

I know there are two outstanding editing jobs to do- they are well and truly under way and shouldn’t be much longer. I haven’t started looking for work as yet, due to these jobs being extra special and I want to do them personally.

Once I am back on top of everything and the boxes are unpacked I will be setting up again here in Coffs. There will be a few giveaways and promotions pre Christmas so watch this space. I will be back in Canberra the weekend of 23rd November for work so if you are still down south and would like some photographs taken please give me a call as there are only a few spots remaining.

X Jules


A little more Beloved

The Beloved technique has ultimately rocked my world. There is no clear explanation to why it has or what was the exact factor that did but it really has.

Beloved is a technique created and developed by Jesh De Rox- world famous amazing photographer and all round talented guy. He wanted to achieve the honestly and naturalness captured in images where the couple were truly relaxed and open in every session he photographed, so he developed the Beloved technique which does exactly that.

Your Beloved session will rock your world. Until you have experienced one, it’s just easiest to explain they are un-posed, relaxed and deep. They celebrate your relationship and show off who you are as a couple, a family unit and also individually as well.

If you know someone who has everything and you’re not sure what to get them for their birthday or anniversary or perhaps a thank you? This session is the greatest gift. It doesn’t have to be partners or couples, it is so flexible that mothers and children, best friends or an individual can be captured.

Everybody has a story. Everybody is beautiful. Everybody is photogenic.

You just have to be shown how to see your own beauty.


Thursday Quit Day

As many of you know, I am training to be an accredited Beloved Photographer. I adore everything about this highly creative movement and really feel like life has changed for me since I began the journey earlier this year.
Through this course I met the amazing Bob Goff through his novel “Love Does” and I must say I’m finding some people in my life now fairly frustrating because they are not my type of whimsy or loving. It really has opened so many doors for me and made me look at myself to find the source of problems and often find them in the form of allowing people to walk all over me, allowing people to say things that I take to heart and not standing up for myself and my values.

My latest valuable experience was listening and reading my fellow Beloved photographers speaking about Bob Goff’s speech at the Beloved Collective. I was BUSTING to get there but unfortunately wasn’t able to.
If you have four minutes watch the video here, Bob said to them:

“Every single Thursday, I quit something, It’s Thursday. We can quit anything we want on a Thursday. I do, every week. Pick something, then quit doing it…”

— Bob Goff (@bobgoff)

Easy right? So often we get bogged down by all the stuff we have to do every week, so the solution according to Bob is: get rid of it!

So we are up to Week 5 since the Beloved Collective in Palm Springs and here are my QUITS to date. I will keep up my weekly Quits on here and I’d love for you to add yours as well.

Week 1– I’m going to quit not feeling good enough. It’s about time my goals frightened me and my self esteem increased. I can and do take beautiful imagery. I am worth more than far too cheap. Good bye little voice today you lose for once.

Week 2– I’m going to quit biting my finger nails. I have done this my whole life and never been able to stop.

Week 3– I’m going to quit feeling guilty for being a good mum AND running a business. I CAN do both. Its about balance.

Week 4 – Step away from the social media drain. I’ve found I spend so much time watching and reading facebook and not “doing”. So this week is no more wasting. Time to DO and be Whimsy. Facebook alerts are now OFF and I’m spending FAR less time reading everyone else s life. Time to Live mine.
P.s Finger nails have grown a LOT.

Week #5 I have decided to quit dairy properly. I know it makes me sick yet every now and then I still try it and feel sick for days. No more. Chocolate today made me happy for 1 minute and feeling sick for hours since. Haha