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Love Does

Love is never stationary. In the end love doesn’t just ‘Keep thinking about it’ or ‘Keep planning for it’
Simply put
Love Does

Bob Goff

I have been recommended a few books lately ( not that I have that much time on my hands to be able to read) and “Love Does” was one that caught my attention. It wasn’t shades of anything or a fictional book. It was described to me as a novel about what love can be.
I am one of the lucky few with an amazing husband and little daughter. We are the three amigos and for us Love is most definitely not stationary… Ever…

So far I’m 1/2 way through the book and I am struggling to put it down. It does have reference to the christian faith but from the author perspective. It’s not a ‘you must live this way’ its a ‘this happened to me’ sort of way. I appreciate that and I’ve honestly not noticed them too much.

So far there are some HILARIOUS moments and I can’t wait to keep reading.
I have decided that love is like a skill, you have to keep learning in love like you do in life or you will become stuck.

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