Words and Lyrics

I have spent a great deal of today watching online webinairs of my ULTIMATE photographer. A woman who I hold of the highest esteem. Her work is natural, beautiful and elegant. She keeps her work simplistic in nature but in my eyes technically perfect.
I feel like I have spent today sitting one on one with this woman and my brains are currently in the mush stage from all the information I have absorbed.

Sue Bryce blew me away when six months or so ago I saw this video another amazing videographer at Untitled Film Works put together with her.

Her approach and personality was beautifully captured by Abraham and his team but it was her words which resonated most with me. I am a bear of words and lyrics, they drive me. Inspire me. Heal me. Develop me.

The first words captivated me: “All Women. ALL women have a very distorted idea of how they look. Very distorted… and I think we get very lost in what’s on the outside.. it’s what they project from the inside that makes them so beautiful.”

“One reflector. One window. One iPhone with Instagram. This is what I’m doing today. Isn’t she beautiful.” Sue Bryce Photography

And then I watched that beautiful video and watched her work. I believe I’ve seen that video now over 100 times and anytime I am feeling a little flat or in need of a boost I return to that page and watch it again and again.

It was this video that took me back to my roots. Where Capturing Essence began… on location utilising natural light. My style had become a little muddled over the years and the past six months had really kicked me in the behind to look and thing about what I was doing well and why that was.

So with the makeup expertise of Bindi Kelly and gorgeous Jemma, see the post here, I embarked on a game changing shoot. It was all natural make up, a rustic setting and the concept was to keep Jemma as naturally beautiful as possible. I wanted to bring out her inner beauty and capture a relaxed, gorgeous teenager I had met months before.
I loved the outcome so much I have purchased an enlargement for my lounge to constantly remind me what I strive for. Her cheeky eyes seem to capture everyone walking into my lounge and stop them in their tracks. That’s the greatest feeling.

Anyway… Back to today…
With a little help from Sue, a little help from Beyoncé, A little Taylor Swift, David Gray and The Cinematic Orchestra I have been looking hard at my business. Really… Really… Hard.

This blog is to be continued… There are some huge changes, exciting adventures and a fresher Capturing Essence Photography afoot.

In the words from the webinair this morning:
YOU are someone to be valued and are AS beautiful as the next person.

Amen to that!

Published by JClydeCreative

Julie Clyde Creative is an international creative artist. Through her artistic works she hopes to bring courage and hope to those who seek it and create conversations around her pieces. Jules sees the beauty in life where others may not and creates images that inspire her clients imaginations and dreams.

2 thoughts on “Words and Lyrics

  1. I totally hear you! I felt the same when I first watched her Creative Life videos! The 2am morning wake up call was hard though 🙂 Much coffee was consumed….


    1. I forgot my tea this morning until around lunchtime. I must say I was a little tired around the edges hahaha
      Caffeine applied and the world was right. 🙂 she is amazing.


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