Tash & Wita Part 1

When Tash and I met I was slightly worse for wear with sea sickness aboard Young Endeavour. It is a training ship for the youth of Australia and quite the experience.
Not knowing anyone else on the ship her bubbly personality soon captured my vomit stricken belly and had me laughing. I’m not even sure the precise moment we met, I just know I have never looked back.
Little did anyone know to begin with, my future husband (boyfriend at that time) was aslo on our cruise as a ‘prospective Young Endeavour Leader’ with Navy. He had been asking Tash if I was ok and trying to find out how I was without asking me haha. Knowing full well I was annoyed with him for making his way on board my cruise. That’s another story.
She spoke a little about ‘Wita’ back home, a lot about her netball and horse and then a little more about her ‘Wita’.

When she asked me to photograph her day with Jerome (Wita) needless to say I was elated. Spending a whole weekend with them all was something NOT to be missed. Having met up the year before in Tasmania for another wedding i had finally had the chance to meet her Wita. He was an amazing, quiet guy who balanced her perfectly.

Her gorgeous parents let me stay with them at their farm and her dad had me out on the quad bike the day before the wedding to move fences and check the cows. An amazing experience in itself PLUS I was able to learn to ride a manual quad bike. I didnt do too badly but dad was most patient with me.

The day of the wedding rolled around and we woke early to the start of a fabulous day.
Tash went down to her horse and fed it whilst her bridesmaid started making lunches for the location photographs.
There was SO much happening with dad writing his speech and being proof read by Tash’s sister, make up to be done, hair to put up and iPod’s to fill with music for the reception… Tash is brilliant at last minute tasks.
Just as the morning was kicking into fifth gear, a groomsman appeared with a gift for Tash. Little did she know at our location scouting the morning before, Wita had been planning what to get her. His choice was beautiful. A hand written card for her accompanied by a gorgeous jewellery box with jewellery inside.

As Tash headed off to get into her gown, her flowers arrived and soon she came through the door for the first time for her family to see. As her old Holden’s arrived it was time to leave the family home and head to the Church in Westbury.

There is SO much to write and share this is the end of part one….

Published by JClydeCreative

Julie Clyde Creative is an international creative artist. Through her artistic works she hopes to bring courage and hope to those who seek it and create conversations around her pieces. Jules sees the beauty in life where others may not and creates images that inspire her clients imaginations and dreams.

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