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Hope and Charity

Today was never going to be an easy task… Photographing another photographer is no easy feat especially when it is Hope Copeland.
Hope and Charity met a few years ago at uni doing a course completely wrong for them both. I had the pleasure of meeting Charity first time today and needless to say there were a lot of giggles throughout the session.
Hope and Charity are such a support network for each other, with both husbands heading away for periods of time…Some longer than others, the support never ceases.
This gorgeous friendship was one to behold.

The in jokes, the giggles and insane and creative replies to my questions had me wanting to spend more time with them both as we could.
Hope’s not very good at coming in second, so when Charity was winning their running race, Hope went for her behind…
Thank you both for allowing me into your circle for a few hours this morning. Safe travels to you Hope and to your hubby Charity. Just remember there’s a huge support network in Canberra if you need one outside your cupcake eating nutter.



1 thought on “Hope and Charity”

  1. LMHO! I love it! This totally sums us up. I’m sure Charity constantly thinks “What the hell am I doing with this girl!” and I’m always just acting up on her! She’s my girl and I can’t wait to put one of these up right by my work desk! She’s a keeper!


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