Check up | Tot style

I remember all the check ups I had whilst carrying my daughter, and honestly I can’t imagine going through another pregnancy. This amazing woman has not only carried one to full term, but she has raised him beautifully into a two year old and is expecting another in the next couple of weeks. She has her first little man on hand to keep a close watch on number two while they’re cooking.


{BELOVED} The most beautiful family

When you see the following images, you’d never know how much these four people mean to so many. Monique, the mum is an at home family day care lady who is just AMAZING. She has anywhere up to and sometimes over 10 other children in her house besides her own two on any given day. I have a hard time with my single two year old never mind a house full! Hubby, Pepe is incredible as are the two girls. They are the smartest, funniest tots I’ve met. They have me in stiches every time I see them. I couldn’t have asked for a better shoot with these four- BUT I get to do it again in a few weeks time! WOO!


What is {BELOVED}

After seeing a fellow photographer offer her opinion on a local photography blog- and then get torn to shreds by the others, I had a look into what she was talking about. Beloved. She said it was a way to capture the absolute inner beauty of a couple and getting down to their innter most connections with each other.

What is Beloved?

Beloved is descirbed as an emerging photographic genre centered on the creation of meaning-rich portraits that express the individual, beautiful personality each person is born with, creating an opportunity to celebrate the relationships that fill our lives with joy and purpose. The Photogenic Technique of Beloved gives photographers a clear and simple way to move past the “camera smile”‘ to easily capture the authentic, photogenic expressions and the naturally beautiful sides of our personality we share with our loved ones. Beloved is an emerging style of photography that brings together the worlds of art and relationship in a remarkable way. Blending the visual aesthetic of portrait photography with the authenticity of photojournalism, the Photogenic Technique of Beloved gives photographers a simple way to create meaning-rich, fulfilling and valuable experiences and imagery for those they photograph and themselves.

At first I was intreged but felt I already strived pretty hard to achieve this. However, after spending sometime learning Beloved and finding the true connection between my couples, I realised just how much I was missing in my images.

A big change for me was that the other photographers that I admired are not so exciting anymore. I just look at their pictures- they are still beautiful but aren’t warm to me, all I see now is the disconnect. I notice the presence of the photographer more. With a beloved shoot it’s all about the couple. You don’t see the photographer at all. You see the true connection between the people. I’m amazed that already my eye is changing so much and editing my image has become harder due to the fact there are SO many I love now.

There is a story to each image and a true, real and honest reaction. I know it may not work for everyone but I truly adore this movement and cannot wait to fully encorporate it into everything I do. From my perspective- I want to now create images that my clients ADORE. I have shot three sessions so far and all three have sent me a message or given me a call to rave about how much they LOVE their images. I want them to have these moments captured for a long time to come. Which is why when I first started my business name was ‘Capturing Essence Photography- Capturing the Essence of a moment and preserving it for years to come’ Ther’s a lot of truth to that. I still have a way to go as I build to become accredited, however in the meantime I will cherish ALL the magical moments I will get to share with my couples.

Copyright Capturing Essence Photography 2012


Two and a bump | Beloved Session

Please forgive me, If I act a little strange, For I know not what I do,
Feels like lightning running through my veins Every time I look at you

My {BELOVED} Session with Bridget and Jake, like many of my experiences start long before we pick up the camera. I love to get to know my couples as much as possible so no matter where we are photographing, it feels comfortable, safe and loving.
The BELOVED session to me creates warmth, truth and a whole different perspective to an image. I draws you in and reminds you there still IS true love in the world. Shared between two very special people, who are allowing me to capture their memory.
Here are a few images from today’s session- just keep in mind, when you see the jumping one- this gorgeous girl is due in two weeks! Boy can she get air!
It was a FREEZING Canberra day today- it rained the whole time we were shooting and we were blowing steam out of our mouths. The beauty of these two, they just exude warmth.

Love you both xxx