The Jessops

The Jessops… Another family portrait session FULL of laughter and and fun. These guys are the type of family I love to shoot. They are young, fun and full of ideas for how they would like to be captured. From racing about the garden, to wrestling and wrangling with their dog, I couldn’t have wanted a better time.
Liana and I went to college together 100 years ago it seems now and we’ve only really become more in touch over the past few years- Thanks to the stalking available on Facebook. I always wondered what she was doing now with that spectacular singing voice of hers! I was not dissapointed when I saw she was living it up in New York, chasing her dreams.
If children reflect their parents then I was always looking forward to meeting Janine. She was a true sweetheart and full of warmth. Nothing short of amazing.
‘Lucky’ the family dog

Mik’s idea for a moving family photograph.
I just wanted to post this thank you letter online from Liana’s mum. She sent it to me online and it makes my job so worthwhile when I receive something as lovely as this:
Dear Julie,
I just LOVE all the photos you have taken of my birthday and our family.
They have given me such pleasure. It took a little while for us all to loosen up, but you were so patient, and so unphased.
It took a little while to write to you, too because I wasn’t sure how or where!
 Anyway all the very best to you. You will go a long way with your great sense of timing, peaceful nature…and excellent eye for great images. I love the name too, and think you have capatured our essence in many ways.

Warm regards

Thanks again guys! I can’t wait to see you all again when you are together in town! Thank you again for those YUMMY pancakes 🙂 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

The bump that became a Lily Joy Jensen

The gorgeous mum to be above has had her baby girl. Lily Joy Jensen has arrived in style a week ago and mum and bub are said to be doing very well.
Everyone who knows the Jensen’s will agree we are all completely thrilled and besotted by the arrival and keep a very keen eye out on facebook for the latest and greatest picture.
I think sometimes we even forget a little that a new mum with a new bub doesnt always get time to post images so we are very thankful for the ones that have shown up 🙂
Above: Mum and bub – Thank you to Sue for posting the pics 🙂
Above: Little lily relaxing in the bath
From everyone here in Canberra, we hope you all settle in quickly together and get lots of rest! I know she’s sleeping well already so hope it continues for you honey! XXXX
Cannot tell you how excited we are to see you all in December and take a few more pictures of little miss gorgeous in the flesh X
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Cosmopolitan Bride feature

Just a quick blog- MY ARTICLE IS PRINTED!!!!! Im a little excited 🙂
I wish my scanner was better but raid your local newsagency for a peek