Buying your gown

I have just had one of my brides enquire about buying a wedding gown in Canberra and I thought I should share this information with all of you as it seems to be a common enquiry. It’s something you’ve never had to do before and therefore don’t know the ins and outs!

Buying a gown is like no other clothing purchase you will ever undertake.
Ok best place to start is Brides of Manuka- make sure you book on a day that Heidi is there. She can be very honest sometimes but if you make an appointment she is brilliant and you want someone who will tell you outright if this dress is right for you dont you? They stock the gorgeous Maggie Sottero gowns which are stunning and if you start there, you may find it hard to find a better more comfortable fitting gown.

How will this information help me? I hear you ask? I worked for a bridal house for three years and I know some of the tricks that other stores played to make sales. Just be SO careful.

Things you need to remember: (I did some ringing around locally for you)
*It takes 4-6 months for Brides of Manuka to get a brand new gown in store. Sometimes it can be faster but Heidi will tell you upfront which can and cannot be rushed and their time frames.
*It takes anywhere from 6-8months for all other stores in Canberra. If they tell you less they are most likely selling you one off the floor and making you think its new. Be careful!
*In all this do not count December/January in this delivery time
*Make appointments!
*Don’t worry about your size! A good store will make you feel incredible

Things to ask:
*Is this going to be a brand new gown?
*Do I need any extra length? (make sure you check this prior to ordering)
* What are my colour options?
*Do you do alterations here and how much do you charge?
*Have a look at gowns with veils- If you want a veil it can make or break a look of a gown
* What is the gown made from?
*When you’re ready to order ask them what size they think you should order. You may vary up or down a size from what you normally are. If you plan to lose weight don’t worry, get the gown to the size you are NOW and get it altered closer to the date. You can always take it in but you can’t let it out.

When you go to a store:
*Go in with a relaxed attitude towards styles. You may not like the look of the gown on the rack but its a great place to start getting an idea of what style suits your shape.
*Be open to suggestions of gowns 
*If you don’t like a gown its ok to say so!
*Tell the ladies who look after you a ball park figure of your budget
*Take any pictures of styles you have seen that you may like as well- you don’t have to but it helps.
*Dont take a cast of thousands with you. Take one or two people who’s opinion you value and wont tell you what they like on them, make sure they tell you what they like on you.

You cannot take photographs of yourself in the gowns in most stores so take a notebook to remember why you like a certain gown. One or two will stand out and those are the ones to return to and retry.

Once you think you’ve found your gown- STOP LOOKING! It will confuse you more and you will second guess your order. You cannot change it once you’ve ordered.

Enjoy yourself!

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Julie Clyde Creative is an international creative artist. Through her artistic works she hopes to bring courage and hope to those who seek it and create conversations around her pieces. Jules sees the beauty in life where others may not and creates images that inspire her clients imaginations and dreams.

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