How the months fly!

Ok…. So i’m a little behind on my blog and its not by weeks, it has now officially been months. Capturing Essence has been a busy little business since February’s and today I hope to update you all on the pictures I love.

It has been a fabulous time working with the ever fabulous Chic Visage, Rockstars and Royalty and a newbie to my list of people to work with, Jacqueline Scott. Jacqui came in at the last moment on her day off to assist with a fun jewellery shoot for Rockstars and Royalty and did such a gorgeous job! Thanks again X

We have ventured to the coast again for a final beach shoot before winter. A night time and early morning shoot that left all of us delierious with lack of sleep. 3 hours is a challenge for anyone!

I’ve started doing beauty photoshoots with local makeup artsist after meeting and attending a Rae Morris masterclass. She is such an amazing makeup artist it was really interesting to hear her point of view.
That very same weekend, Chic Visage and I worked with the stunning Rebecca Frith in Sydney on a portfolio photoshoot which had some surprising results. With my brand new camera in tow it was a great opportunity to see how it worked- and boy did it work!

I am also in the process of producing a porfolio album of work from late 2008-2009. I am really pleased with a lot of the images that have been produced, I just didn’t realise just how many images I had! It’s been a tough couple of weeks choosing the favourites- Hope you like it Vick! xxx

There are that many images to post I will have to do each shoot individually.
I hope you enjoy them!

Take care and stay safe
Love always

Capturing Essence Photography

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