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Update from Carmen Steffens Canberra.

Afternoon everyone, If you are interested in high end affordable fashion available here in Australia, then please help us launch Carmen Steffens online (www.carmensteffens.com.au) by joining up to Carmen Steffens on Twitter http://twitter.com/CSAustralia and to Carmen Steffens on Facebook (Australia).
We’ll keep you up to date on all the new arrivals and fashion events.
Don’t forget to sign up your man – Men’s collection coming soon.
— Regards,Emilia


May 2009 in Canberra

For most of the Canberra wedding industry, May is the time we all take a huge sigh of relief and start to wind down for a couple of months rest.
I know personally I haven’t stopped since August of last year and a chance to relax and contemplate the past few months is long over due.
However: I have already begun to plan shoots for August through to next year already and started heading off to courses to expand my knowledge.

I’m sure there are events and industry things on to go so drop in a line and let me know what’s going on and i’ll post it.

With the cooler climate comes a lot more snuggling and keeping warm but also SNOW! Bring on the snow shoots of 2009!!! I’m up for one…are you game?


Night shoot

Night shoot

About 4 months ago, Kristie Maynard of Chic Visage came up with a plan to do a night shoot at the beach. Both of us at the time had absolutly no idea how or if it would work out for us and we put the idea on the back burner for a while.

With the addition of the new camera, lighting from her husband- Thanks Darce. Amanda Knuckey on hair (you can never go wrong with manda!) and the gorgeous Lucy willing to brave the evening ocean we were set for a fun shoot.

Lucy was on her second photoshoot ever- yes ever! You certainly can’t tell. She’s another up and comer in the industry that I belive once she’s spotted will go onto bigger and better things! She’s already a featured extra in the Wolverine movie and we’re all eagerly waiting to see if the scenes remain in the movie or not! I for one can’t wait!!! Just remember us Lucy when you’re cruising the world rich and famously! 🙂

All seemed to go to plan and I believe that Chic is happy with her photos and can’t choose some for her portfolio either! I know I can’t! hahah I can’t imaging how on earth Lucy will!

Thanks again to all of you who helped out on the shoot I think the late night was well worth the effort!


Rebecca Frith Photoshoot

Rebecca Frith shoot- Sydney

There are just so many images I really like from this photoshoot! It was too hard to choose which to put up. There are still more which I am in the process of editing now which will pop up at a later date once I do them. Again teaming up with Chic Visage whilst we were both in Sydney met Rebecca Frith- an upcoming star I believe. She is just fabulous to work with and will certainly go a long way!
The last two images above were taken by my husband and business partner Chris on his first photographing assignment. He is always in the background at other shoots but with the extra camera body floating around ( I had the new one 🙂 ) He couldn’t resist.
I really love his perspective he captured and I think later down the track will be a valuable addition to the team.

Love Jules

Beauty Shoot #1

Beauty Shoot #1

Chic Visage collaborated with Sheryn Arthur (Hair Stylist) to create a series of beauty images for Chic’s portfolio.

As always model Julia supplied the gorgeous face to work with and above is the best from the shoot. There are a couple of others I will add later but to date… this one’s my favourite


Beach shoot #1

Beach shoot #1 was a really really challenging weekend for all involved. External factors created an interesting challenge for us all however all the girls were fantastic and worked really hard.
We all came away with some fantastic images making it hard on all of us to select our favourites.
The file uploader for images isn’t working for some reason so here is a link to the posted images 🙂
I hope you enjoy them


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How the months fly!

Ok…. So i’m a little behind on my blog and its not by weeks, it has now officially been months. Capturing Essence has been a busy little business since February’s and today I hope to update you all on the pictures I love.

It has been a fabulous time working with the ever fabulous Chic Visage, Rockstars and Royalty and a newbie to my list of people to work with, Jacqueline Scott. Jacqui came in at the last moment on her day off to assist with a fun jewellery shoot for Rockstars and Royalty and did such a gorgeous job! Thanks again X

We have ventured to the coast again for a final beach shoot before winter. A night time and early morning shoot that left all of us delierious with lack of sleep. 3 hours is a challenge for anyone!

I’ve started doing beauty photoshoots with local makeup artsist after meeting and attending a Rae Morris masterclass. She is such an amazing makeup artist it was really interesting to hear her point of view.
That very same weekend, Chic Visage and I worked with the stunning Rebecca Frith in Sydney on a portfolio photoshoot which had some surprising results. With my brand new camera in tow it was a great opportunity to see how it worked- and boy did it work!

I am also in the process of producing a porfolio album of work from late 2008-2009. I am really pleased with a lot of the images that have been produced, I just didn’t realise just how many images I had! It’s been a tough couple of weeks choosing the favourites- Hope you like it Vick! xxx

There are that many images to post I will have to do each shoot individually.
I hope you enjoy them!

Take care and stay safe
Love always

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