Capturing Essence gets some print time

Capturing Essence has been given some publicity by the folks at Prestige publications after the recent bridal fair in Canberra.
Its a nice start to 2009 and my year is already starting to fill up!
2010 brings about a year of travel and fun with 6 weddings already booked and NONE are in Canberra. Not bad for my second year of being afloat.

Check out the wedding guide blurb!
Take care and have a fantastic week!



Handmake Market- With Love

Come to the Canberra handmake market THIS saturday and see how busy all of the local canberra crafties have been!!! It is for a fabulous cause and a whole lot of fun!
It will be a first for me personally as it will be Capturing Essence’s FIRST… MAIDEN stand anywhere 🙂
I am thrilled… also a little tired but i am slowly getting prepared!!!!

Can’t wait to see you all there!!!!
Take care and have a wonderful week!



Wedding of Jodie & Patrick
June 2008
This wedding was one of my first truely solo outings. It was a Sydney wedding with a local Canberra couple. I still adore their images and wanted to put them on the blog for you to see.
I know the couple were very happy with the images as Jodie had trouble trying to drive home as she was sneaking a peek at her albums.

Jodie’s dog even got pictures taken. She’s a very old pup so needed to be apart of the family photos.

At the church- The bridesmaids arrive

The weather was not on our side, In fact it is one of two weddings i have done where it has thrown it down. It didn’t deter the couple from getting some gorgeous images!

Ah old romance, the bride got the umbrella… The groom a little damp.

Over the next few weeks i’ll begin to put up some of the newer wedding images but if you want to see more sooner, please head to
www.capturingessence.com.au and view my portfolio online.
Happy new year! I wish all the best of health and happiness for the new year!