Chic Visage Shoot

About a year and a half ago now, I met a lady by the name of Kristie Maynard, only for a couple of hours while she saved my life. It was my very first photoshoot for Rockstars and Royalty and my MUA had quit a few days before the shoot.
At the last minute Kristie came in and did a beautiful job on all the girls!
A year later I ran into her again while she was doing make up for a wedding I was shooting and we got to discussing old shoots. I told her I owed her BIG time for all she did for me that day and would she like me to do a portfolio shoot- YES!
I got Julz Price together and headed over the Kristies after a couple of planning meetings for shoot day! Everything was set and the make up began… as did the hair crimping ha ha ha- Poor Julz
We headed out to Stromlo Forest in Canberra, ACT and did a late afternoon shoot.
The images speak for themselves really, Great model and flawless make up? All I had to do was take photographs and enjoy the ride! Well a little more than that but it was so relaxed and easy!
Thank you gorgeous girl! You look stunning and thank you Kristie!!! We will plot another day soon!!!!!
Take care everyone,
Love Jules


Melbourne Cup Rockstars and Essence Styling!

It is official!!! I now own the PERFECT Julie gown, made by the very talented Vicky at Rockstars and Royalty whom we all love here in Canberra. She makes our waists smaller and our gowns sexier than anyone else around!!! This is a highly recommended experience and expense ladies!!!
I have an official photo that shows me, Capturing Essence on the Myer fashion on the field cat walk showing it off.. hahah yeah i thought it was funny as well!

Pre race nerves had me giggling away but with gorgeous accessories, fascinator and a stunning gown I was on my way!

My make up was done by Melissa Rusconi at Rogue Avenue- http://www.roguemodels.com.au
She is divine and so lovely and easy to work with.

By the end of the long day and fun night, big brother Regan, gave me his coat and made sure I got home ok.