Brides of Manuka, Capturing Essence, Model Mayhem

What a week!

Hey all!
This week has been so hectic! 4 shoots in a week! FOUR!

It started with Dee on her purple Harley, which was very hot and the pics have come out beautifully! Thanks again to Player Haters Clothing who sent us down some gear to play with!

Then onto Michelle from Model Mayhem who we photographed in R&R gowns in a theatre- how very dramatic!
Vick created this crystal mask especially for the shoot. It is just incredible!

Next was R&R’s latest advertising shoot for Vicks up and coming advertisment in the Bride’s Diary.

Finally today was a shoot for Brides of Manuka’s internet dress page- basically so brides can see gowns before they come in and try them. A mini portfolio.

I will post more pics later but hope you enjoy the teaser!!!


Wedding Season is a coming!!!

Hi all!
Well wedding season is upon us and with quite a few jobs up my sleeve, it will be a very busy end of the year.
I am so pleased the way things have been picking up lately with all the networking and talking to people- it still amazes me how busy the books are with so little advertising.

I’ve got a great bunch of support people who work with me and help me grow each and every day. You couldn’t ask for anyone better or more honest. If I seem to be heading in a misguided direction they are there to keep me on track and will question decisions. I can’t thank you all enough!!!

As 2008 starts its grind to wind up I’m finding I am being booked out for next year already too. With some weddings in March, June, September and October already I feel my second year of being ‘open for business’ will be a wonderful, busy experience.

The moments that people allow me to capture on their one truly special day are an incredible experience.
I thank each and everyone of them for allowing me the privilage to enter into that intimate cirlce and photograph it.

May there be many more happy days to come and may you book early! Times are a busy XXX
Thanks again, lots of love, and I hope you continue to enjoy my work XXX