…Meet Jules…

Jules has always been a creative person… From the time she can remember, she was sneaking into her dads shed to hammer nails into his spare wood pile to ‘make something’. Sundays were for tipping out her mum’s material box and cutting holes in the fabric to make a dress (or be a ghost) in the early hours of the morning.

She would steal paper, pens, scissors and anything that wasn’t locked down in her home, to make pictures in her bedroom and all of this was much to the dismay of her parents.

She used to love the epic mess of papers and the thrill of sneaking the scissors back into the study without being caught after hearing her dad yell, “who has the bloody scissors!!!!!”. She was in even more trouble though when he caught her playing with his beloved SLR Camera. From the moment she worked out how to open the black leather case, she was hooked.

She has now grown into the woman who is always late, because she’s lost in creating. She’s the woman showing up to school covered in paint and the mum who’s kids are thrilled to see what she did at ‘work’ today. I am the wife who is lucky enough that her husband supports and loves her regardless of how painterly and creative life gets.

She sees the beauty in life where others may not and creates imagery that inspires her clients’ imaginations and dreams. For so long her creativity has been silenced by others opinions and criticism. She listened to them so much, that she ceased to create altogether.

Jules now creates to honour herself and her creative voice. She loves to create portraiture filled with freedom and dreams for others to enjoy. It’s her favourite way to escape reality and hopes it brings others’ imaginations along for the ride.